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News | April 25, 2019

DLA Distribution’s Ramones transitions from DLA Intern to full time employee

By Diana Dawa, DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Joshua Ramones, currently a supply technician for the Inventory Action Team at DLA Distribution Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, previously interned with DLA Disposition and DLA Distribution before becoming a full time employee.

Ramones was coming up on the end of his Army enlistment (one tour) and was considering various avenues for permanent employment. After participating in the Army’s Career Skills Program, where the Army partners with different companies that offer internship to soldiers who are leaving the Service, Ramones decided to go a different route.

“Soldiers are eligible to participate in an Army CSP up to 180 days before separation from the Army, and after completion of the mandatory five-day SFL-TAP (Student For Life-Transition Assistance Program) workshop,” said Ramones, adding, “Unfortunately, I wasn’t interested in any of those companies since I was pursuing a career in logistics as I was an automated logistics specialist for four years while in the Army.”

Fortunately, for Ramones, during his time in the Army working as a logistics specialist he became familiar with the process of turning in equipment to Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office and DDPH, and was able to network with some of the people that worked there.

“When they saw my work ethic, and the quality of my turn-in work, they recommended I apply for a job there after I transition out of the Army. Seven months prior to my ETS (expiration term of service) date, I contacted Mr. Abel Castaneda from DLA Disposition to see if there was an internship program that was available. From there he directed me to Mr. Kirk Buckner, area manager for DRMO.”

It all worked out and Ramones began his internship at DLA Distribution Pearl Harbor April 16, 2018.

During his first month, Ramones learned of the DLA enterprise.

“I started working with the environmental group since they needed help on doing inputs of work order on DSS. I also did a project that took me almost the whole internship of re-boxing, and inventorying and shipping all the old work orders of the environmental department to the mainland,” said Ramones, adding, “I visited sites and helped the Army turn in their equipment to us. I helped the receiving side on receiving, packing, separating, shipping and disposing items that are turned in and conduct inventories on unclassified items that we have in the warehouse.”

After interning, Ramones applied for and accepted a full-time position DDPH.

So far, Ramones is enjoying his job. “I’m loving it because logistics is the career I want to pursue. I use to be a math teacher before joining the Army, so working on the inventory action team and counting items is very easy for me,” said Ramones.

Since he started, Ramones learned to count, inspect, and input counts in the Distribution Standard System. He’s also learned to not just learn his current job based on the position description but he knows he’s expected to want to advance and prep for the next higher position. He is doing that by learning how to do third counts and how to handle sublevel one items.

“I’m also learning how to do research and basically read things in DSS and translate how each item moves around the warehouse. I like this type of work because it helps me improve my knowledge about DSS, as well as be able to apply what I learned as a logistician while in the Army,” he said.

Ramones expected the transition from the Army to intern, to full time employee, would be a little different from being in the Army. 

“It is definitely a different culture compared to the Army. I do plan to stay, move my way up to the highest position I can attain, and then retire,” said Ramones.