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News | June 3, 2019

New top cop at DSCR

By Leon Moore DLA Aviation Public Affairs

Julio Clavell said ever since he was a child growing up in Brooklyn, New York, he’s wanted to go into the law enforcement profession.

“One day a NYPD police officer took a couple of minutes to stop and see how I was doing and what I was up to. It was really a profound experience, by him taking the time out of his day to show me he cared, it inspired me to do the same for others,” he said. 

Clavell said his dream became a reality in 2003 when he landed his first law enforcement job, working as a corrections officer within the Virginia prison system. Six years later, Clavell began working as an officer for the Defense Logistics Agency Installation Management Richmond police department on Defense Supply Center Richmond, Virginia. 

After numerous promotions, including stints as the chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear (CBRNE) program manager and acting chief of police, Clavell was promoted to the DLA Installation Management Richmond chief of police on April 14. 

In his new role, Clavell said his goals for the department are to strive to provide excellent public service, remain engaged with the surrounding community and be the best DLA has to offer. He stated providing great customer service and training to the DLA workforce are top priorities as well. 

“I want to drive progress and usher periods of change by inspiring employees, [and by] earning trust for new ideas,” he said. 

Clavell said he’s more of a democratic type of leader who actively asks for input from his team and considers that feedback before making any decisions.  

“I like to foster high levels of employee engagement and workplace satisfaction. I expect managers and employees to hold themselves accountable whether it’s good or bad,” he said. 

And while he has reached an important milestone in his career, Clavell said it was that chance encounter with that NYPD police officer years ago that still motivates him. 

“I’m proud that I have the opportunity do the same for everyone I see and talk to daily. It is my desire to serve and protect our community,” he said.