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News | Aug. 2, 2019

DLA Distribution employees presented commander’s coins

By DLA Distribution Public Affairs

DLA Distribution Commanding Officer Navy Rear Adm. Kevin M. Jones’ presented coins to several DLA Distribution headquarters employees during a recent building walk around here.  The following personnel received recognition and thanks:

Steve Michael, Distribution J3, performed well above expectations during recent Distribution Logistics Operations Center security inspections.  Involved with this examination were numerous systems, equipment and document inspections.  Michael passed every review with the highest of ratings for each inspected area.  Inspector quoted “Best classified area inspection he has seen in months.”  Michael has been the lead coordinator/action officer for all secure operations here within the DLOC with no disruption to our secure facility.  His skill, expertise and attention to detail brought top level recognition to himself and DLA Distribution.

Charlie Hughley, Distribution J9, provides exceptional customer service and support to both our organic and non-organic Reserve pools. He ensures each member meets required standards so they are properly trained and prepared to complete all exercises, deployments and Distribution Center support missions.  Hughley can quickly identify a problem, formulate a solution and take corrective follow-up without direction or assistance. He has established a reputation for meeting challenges with professional excellence and a winning spirit.

Maj. Steve Elston, Royal Australian Army, served as the project manager for the D2 reversion. After only being here about three weeks, he was assigned the reversion of the residual D2 sites from DLA Distribution back to Disposition. Elston was the consummate professional while dealing with challenging and difficult situations. Through sheer force of will, Elston was able to coordinate the successful transition of OPCON of the D2 sites, facilitate the remaining issues, and prepare for the final ADCON transfer sometime in August.

Julie Slaseman, Distribution J4, played a key role in the development, design and implementation of the new General Equipment and Capital Asset inventory program requirements for the DLA Distribution enterprise.  This program will ensure all GECA materiel data integrity is maintained in support of Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness compliance for accountability and management of capital equipment.  Slaseman worked, and continues to work, diligently on providing the requirements, testing and implementing the DSS changes needed for this initiative.
Tim Ryan, Distribution General Counsel, not only supported the procurement process for the follow-on award of distribution operations at DDGM but he also went above and beyond in his protest support of same.   He was diligent in his support of past performance and technical board reports and was an integral part of the acquisition team throughout the acquisition process.  The award resulted in two separate protests and an appeal.  Ryan supported all of these and the result was the SBA regional and OHA determined that the intended awardee for the Guam effort was indeed a small business.  The GAO protest resulted in a dismissal in part and denial in part.  Both are a testament to DLA’s award process and award decisions.

Jennifer Rainford, and Jason Zeppuhar, Distribution J8, provided extraordinary support under recent cash restriction process changes.  Now faced with loading travel dollars for each individual TDY within the enterprise on demand, these two haven’t missed a beat and are available in last minute circumstances ensuring that Distribution’s travel mission continues without fail.

Acquisition Analyst Laura Richards, Distribution J7, always provides the best acquisition assistance support to her customers. She takes the time to make sure that the customer understands the acquisition process and provides excellent support in assisting the development of requirements documents.  Richards identifies a problem and works to develop a solution and actively works to ensure that the problem is solved.  She always takes the time to ensure that the proper processes are being followed.

As the DLA Distribution TAC Manager, Kelly Wentz has taken it upon herself to move outside of her comfort zone and learn other transportation functions to keep up the level of support for the Distribution Centers—support that would normally be provided by a team double the current size. She routinely scans the group email box for any questions coming from the Distribution Centers and provides answers, if known. When she is not familiar with the process, she will seek out those that are familiar, even if they are not in the same section or J code. She then learns the process and teaches the personnel requesting support. This provides learning experiences for herself and the parties asking for support.

Joe Saffron, Distribution Business Development, served as Project Manager for DLA Distribution’s first integrated storage and distribution services Public Private Partnership with Industry.  This first PPP was between DLA and Thales Defense & Security Incorporated.  A significant milestone, this PPP was made possible through authorities provided under Section 883 of the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act.  Under this PPP agreement, DLA will store $10 million in inventory of Marine Corps’ helmet sight and display systems for the AH-1Z Attack Helicopter and UH-1Y Utility Helicopter at DLA Distribution San Diego, California.  Despite the many complexities of this new business model, Saffron’s leadership and collaboration skills ensured mission success was accomplished on time.

Thanks to all these employees for their efforts as part of the DLA Distribution team.