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News | Aug. 7, 2019

It’s Better in Bahrain—DLA Distribution Bahrain Employees Tout OCONUS Civilian Deployments

By Dawn Bonsell, DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Several U.S. citizens and Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Bahrain employees recently discussed what it’s like to live and work in Manama, Bahrain. “It’s better in Bahrain,” said Vincent Martin, security specialist who has been in Bahrain for over two years. The rest of the employees nodded and smiled in agreement. 

In addition, DLA Distribution is currently offering relocation, recruitment and retention incentives for qualified positions and eligible personnel joining the team at DLA Distribution Bahrain. These incentives can be considered for accompanied and unaccompanied tours and reach a yearly incentive between 10 and 25 percent of an employee’s base salary, for up to four total years of service at DDNB. These incentives are based on a graduated scale, with higher payouts for those who remain in country for the length of their service agreements.

The incentive isn’t the only thing attracting employees to the island country in the Persian Gulf. Jarrick Rudolph said he heard good things from then deputy director of DDNB, Mr. Paul McMillan, about the high quality of life in Bahrain and ease of being able to travel inexpensively to other countries. Heeding McMillan’s strong recommendation, Rudolph took a leap of faith, with his family in tow, and said that McMillan was spot on about recommending the island. Bahrain has very well respected international schools and many activities for children including football, soccer, rugby, swimming and karate. In addition to enjoying the country of Bahrain, Jarrick says there is a huge opportunity for upward mobility. He has received two promotions since taking the position in Bahrain.

A friend recruited DLA Distribution Bahrain Safety Officer, Daniel Perry to DDNB and he has never regretted coming. “It’s hot, but I would advocate for people to come to experience it—it’s life changing.” While the desert climate does experience hot temperatures in the summer, winter temperatures are 65-75 degrees with a nice breeze. In addition, according to Perry, “The sun is shining all the time.” He also notes that there is diversity at DDNB—and everyone is open, hospitable and kind. They welcome you.” Perry went on to say that he thinks Bahrain is the most liberal country in the Middle East. He feels safer here than at home. 

According to Castor Delosreyes, supply management specialist, he really likes the area and the fact that “you can really see how what you do affects the services.” Delosreyes has been to Bahrain several times and likes to be where there are options. He first worked for DLA Distribution in Kuwait in 2009, and then became the DLA Distribution Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, chief of planning before transferring to DDNB. 

Vincent Martin was stationed in Bahrain when he was on active duty a few years before retirement. According to Martin, he likes the country because “it’s safe, the standard of living is through the roof and we’re all a band of brothers.” 

Most civilian employees in Bahrain have prior military experience. Antonio Chavis, storage specialist, says DDNB is a great opportunity for prior military personnel to get back into working for the government and serving your country.

The quality of life received many high marks from the group as well. In particular, there are many options for real estate. There are villas, flats, high-rises, beachfront properties; you have a wide variety of options and the realtors and landlords are very accommodating. 

DDNB is located on Naval Support Activity Bahrain in the Kingdom of Bahrain, home to U.S. Naval Forces Central Command and U.S. 5th Fleet. The population of Bahrain is just over 1.3 million people, and with Bahraini nationals only accounting for 48 percent of the population, there are people from all corners of the world. Workers from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Philippines and Egypt make up the largest foreign communities.

Recent political and economic reforms instigated by the king have made working and living in Bahrain a more lucrative and attractive option for foreign companies. Bahraini women have had the right to vote and stand in elections since 2002 and women are not required to cover up in public. 

As a whole, the group all recommend civilian deployments to Bahrian. In addition, Perry added, “People who are sent here don’t want to leave.”  

For more information on the relocation, recruitment and retention incentive for DLA Distribution Bahrain, please contact DLA Human Resources Services – DLA Customers, Customer Account Managers Ms. Darlene Ferrante and Mr. Michael Pier. For more information on traveling/living/working in Bahrain, please contact your local security specialist for additional information.