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News | Oct. 4, 2019

Georgian Army Representatives Visit the Eastern Distribution Center

By DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Members of the U.S. Army Security Assistance Command and Office of Defense Cooperation, representing the Georgian Army, visited the Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Susquehanna, Pennsylvania’s Eastern Distribution Center Sept. 5.

The guide for the tour added some interesting facts that included that the EDC is the largest warehouse within the Department of Defense. The purpose of the USASAC and ODC visit was to learn how material is stored, picked and shipped so they may better communicate with DLA’s Georgian foreign partners how material is delivered to them.

“This is very helpful to me because I serve in the country of Georgia and I am seeing how things work here firsthand,” said Army Major Sebastian Engels, deputy chief, Office of Defense Cooperation. “I was actually on vacation in Maine but I wanted to see things firsthand so I made a detour before I return to Georgia.”

Engels said that the tour helped him see how things move through the facility and how material is handled and believes it will improve his ability to do his job.

“I see that as the products move, more than one person checks to ensure that they are the right ones and they are labeled properly,” said Engels. “Now I can explain that process. Anytime you are dealing with a foreign partner and you can explain things in detail like that, it adds to your credibility. It instills confidence in your partner nation that you know what you are talking about.”