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News | Oct. 3, 2019

DSCC Highlights National Preparedness Month Activities

By Jayce R. Ashwill DSCC Installation Emergency Manager

Law enforcement officers conduct operation exercise.
Active Shooter Exercise
A key activity this year was an Active Shooter exercise that included participation by numerous SWAT officers from the cities of Whitehall and Reynoldsburg.
Photo By: Charles Morris
VIRIN: 191001-D-AA123-112
The Security Operations Branch, Security & Emergency Services Division, DLA Installation Management Columbus planned and coordinated participation in numerous events and activities as part of National Preparedness Month during the month of September.  The goal was to provide information to installation employees to make them better prepared for emergencies at home, at work and in the community. 

The theme for 2019 was “Prepared, not Scared.”

A key activity this year was an Active Shooter exercise that included participation by numerous SWAT officers from the cities of Whitehall and Reynoldsburg.  Their participation was possible because of a recently signed “Memorandum of Agreement.”  These officers were also provided with orientation tours of our two hi-rise buildings, 20 and 21, to gain familiarity with their layout to be better prepared in case they need to respond to these locations.     

Other events included displays in the cafeterias of Bldg. 20 (primarily DLA) and Bldg. 21 (DFAS), as well as at the Child Development Center.  These displays included the distribution of numerous emergency preparedness pamphlets and brochures to assist personnel in their individual preparedness planning.  Additionally, the Installation Emergency Manager and Emergency Managers from DLA Land and Maritime and DFAS were on hand to discuss preparedness issues with associates.

Woman standing at an informational booth.
DLA Land and Martime Associates Participate in Preparedness Fair
Photo By: Charles Morris
VIRIN: 191001-D-AA123-201

All personnel are encouraged to prepare “Now!” 

At home, develop a Family Emergency and Communication Plan and discuss it with all family members.  Additional information is available from the Installation Emergency Manager at 614-692-9578 or at the FEMA website

At work, learn what to do for different emergencies by becoming familiar with your organization’s emergency action plan.  Download the AtHoc mobile app to receive alerts.  The mobile app has three advantages over other devices were alerts are received.  The app does not require any Personally Identifiable Information, the alerts typically arrive sooner and the alerts are in an easy to read format.   The following website provides information on downloading the mobile app.  Mobile App Link.

Wherever you are, become aware of your surroundings and where exits are.  If you “See Something, Say Something.”  Do not ignore suspicious activity.  Report it to the proper authorities.