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News | Oct. 11, 2019

DLA Distribution Commanding Officer's Columbus Day Message

By DLA Distribution Public Affairs


Distribution Teammates,

As the Columbus Day weekend approaches, I wanted to take some time to reflect on Christopher Columbus, the "Admiral of the Ocean Sea," who is credited with discovering the new world in 1492. Columbus was a skilled Italian explorer and this coming Monday is a day set aside to recognize his courage, resilience and ambition -- all values we cherish as Americans.

Columbus had a great way of thinking outside the box. He was willing to take risks. He definitely went against popular belief, especially when it wasn't popular to do so.  Columbus was relentless and adaptive … when things went wrong (and quite a few things went wrong), he used every stumbling block as a stepping stone.  

Ms. Gonzales and I would like to extend our gratitude to the entire DLA Distribution Team for your work to keep our Warfighters well supplied. I am proud to be part of this great team that works tirelessly every day to support the many men and women, both military and civilian, deployed worldwide ... there are none better!

Please relax and enjoy the upcoming holiday and keep safety in mind in everything you do. You're a valuable member of the Distribution team!

HOOYAH Distribution!

Kevin Jones