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News | Oct. 29, 2019

National Disability Awareness Month Spotlight: Arthur Everette II

By DLA Public Affairs

Editor’s Note: The Defense Logistics Agency recognizes National Disability Awareness Month throughout October. To honor the contributions of employees with disabilities, DLA is highlighting those who work daily to support the agency’s global mission.

My name is: Arthur Everette II        

Job Title: Contract specialist for DLA Energy’s Utilities Privatization Division

Describe your job in a sentence: I manage 50-year contracts that privatize the military’s utility systems from cradle to the grave.

How long have you worked at DLA? Seven and half years

What is your favorite thing about working for DLA? The abundance of support DLA provides to employees that level the playing field. Those range from reasonable accommodations to supportive supervisors who have your back.

How do you make a difference? Being part of a team, I am willing to go the extra mile as well as do the odd jobs that most folks shy away from.

Why is it important to you we celebrate Disability Awareness Month? This month lets those who have a disability know they are visible and have a purpose, whether the disability is visible or hidden. It means a lot to me. I remember when we were viewed as out-of-sight and out-of-mind. This month helps to dissuade that way of thinking.