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News | Nov. 8, 2019

DLA Distribution Commanding Officer's Veterans Day message

As Veterans Day approaches, I hope you’re all able to connect in some way with the brave service members of our present and past. We can all better value the freedoms we have because of the men and women who serve and have served in defense of our nation. There are currently nearly 20 million veterans living among us, in every state and territory. And, nearly 40% of the DLA Distribution workforce are veterans. So if you look to your left and right at work, you’ll likely see a veteran working alongside you. 

Since “service” is the theme of Veterans Day 2019, I’d like to highlight one of the many veterans who contribute to DLA Distribution every day. Retired Navy Petty Officer 1st Class, Walter Floyd is 72 years-old and has spent the last decade working as a distribution process worker at DLA Distribution Albany, Georgia. Walt works in the warehouse section, completing picks, stows and re-warehousing actions. His service didn’t stop when his uniform came off and his time in active duty ended. Like many veterans who work for DLA and other organizations throughout the world, Walt took the lessons he learned and the experiences he gained in his 20 years of faithful service to our country and continues to serve our nation. 

Ms. Gonzales and I would like to extend our gratitude to all the veterans currently working for DLA Distribution, as well as the wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, cousins and other relatives of veterans. And thank you to those who give back to your communities as well—working to make improvements and giving back every day.

In addition, we extend a thank you to the entire DLA Distribution Team for your work to keep our Warfighters well supplied. I am proud to be part of this great team that works tirelessly every day to support the many men and women, both military and civilian, deployed worldwide...there are none better!

Please relax and enjoy the upcoming holiday, remember to thank a veteran for their service and keep safety in mind in everything you do. You’re a valuable member of the Distribution team!

HOOYAH Distribution!

Kevin Jones