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News | Nov. 27, 2019

December to bring building access changes

By Paul Batory DSCC Security and Emergency Services

On Dec. 1, the Defense Supply Center Columbus will change the way individuals will access buildings.  In keeping with Department of Defense directives to move to one card for access, DSCC Security and Emergency Services will be deactivating the LENEL building badges currently being used for building access.  After this date, DSCC personnel will use their Common Access Card for building or room access.   

DSCC Security and Emergency Services ceased issuing LENEL cards on Oct. 1 for CAC renewals or initial issue. Earlier in the year, all access card readers were replaced with readers capable of reading the CAC, and the majority of DSCC personnel CACs have been updated so they can be read by these card readers.

CACs have been programmed for door access but it’s highly recommended that DSCC personnel test their CAC on building card readers prior to Dec. 1 to ensure their CAC has been updated and works. Security personnel recommend you begin to place your LENEL card in your pocket or purse and only have your CAC available. 

Personnel who experience difficulties with using their CAC to gain building access should go to the DSCC Visitor Control Center’s Pass and ID section to get their card updated. 

After Dec. 1, associates should drop their LENEL card in boxes located in the lobbies of Buildings 20 and 21 or hand it to the officer in the lobby of Building 58.


The new card readers have a keypad and a slot. Inserting the card into the slot is the best method. It may take up to a second or two for the reader to read the card.  The CAC has much more data than the LENEL card and must process through that data.  Please be patient. Once the system turns green, your card has been successfully read and you can remove the CAC from the reader.


• Associates should not leave their CAC in their computer.  Always carry the card with you.  If an associate leaves their card in their computer, they will not be able to get into the building. 

• Piggy-backing on another associate entering the building is a security violation. If an associate leaves their CAC in their computer, it’s best to contact a coworker to bring the card to them.