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News | Dec. 26, 2019

San Joaquin’s Urrea named one of DLA’s Top Ten Personnel

By Annette Silva, DLA Distribution San Joaquin Public Affairs

Guillermo Urrea, distribution process worker at Defense Logistics Agency Distribution San Joaquin, California, Consolidation & Containerization Point, was recognized as one of DLA’s Top Ten Personnel at the 52nd Annual Employee Recognition Program ceremony Dec. 6 held at the Andrew T. McNamara Complex, Fort Belvoir, Virginia. 

“Mr. Urrea was our top processor out of 19 processors in CCP’s small parcel operation and his efforts were key to the distribution center’s highly demanding and complex missions,” said Specialized Mission Division Chief Darren McFall. 

Urrea is a key player in the CCP operation. His stellar processing allowed the CCP to expertly process more than 600,000 lines of materiel over the year, on more than 5,000 seavans and nearly 1,400 air pallets in support of more than 4,000 Department of Defense Account Activity Codes, 12 Break Bulk Points, and four Theater Consolidation and Shipping Points located throughout the United States Indo-Pacific Command theater of operations. He helped the CCP to efficiently manage air, sea and land routes ultimately increasing cargo movement, cube utilization and production performance in the effort to bring the best value to the warfighters.

Safety is always in the forefront. Urrea contributed to the newly installed and ergonomically designed workstations. He helped to test the stations to ensure they would reduce the need for employees to twist, turn, bend or stoop while handling materiel. 

He is a seasoned processor and one that is continually relied on during external audits to help showcase CCP’s processes and demonstrates the strong commitment to audit readiness. During the 2018 Ernst & Young audit, he performed his checks to perfection and was highlighted as a top performer by the team. 

CCP leadership created a workload production matrix to accurately capture employees’ processing and production times, lines per hour totals, and both efficiency and effectiveness ratings to recognize exceptional employees. Urrea outperformed all processors and was the first of 14 deserving employees to receive this incentive. He personally processed 19,893 lines against the requirement of 15.588, achieving a remarkable efficiency rating of 129%, 39% above average.

Further, Urrea is a team player. With his extensive subject matter expertise and the ability to work will with others, he fostered relationships with all CCP supervisors and employees and was regularly relied upon to help resolve issues with challenging materiel. Additionally, he helped new supervisors and employees learn the technical part of the job resulting in proper accountability and identification of all materiel received. 

“Mr. Urrea is a remarkable and multi-faceted employee and truly epitomized the qualities and values behind the premise of this prestigious award. He is the finest example of DLA’s workforce,” concluded McFall.