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News | Feb. 3, 2020

DLA Distribution San Diego employees experience Zumwalt Simulator firsthand

By Matthew Mahoney, DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Employees of Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Center, San Diego, California, were treated to a hands-on tour of the Zumwalt Training Facility.

The tour, arranged by Navy Capt. Jerome White, commander, DDDC, and Navy Lt. Chris Anderson, officer-in-charge, Zumwalt Training Facility, was an insight into the shipboard operations of the new cutting edge Zumwalt class destroyer. It also provided great insights into the requirements such a new and versatile ship needs to operate.

“The simulator was amazing,” said Carol Rudy, DDDC employee. “I was shocked at the realistic feeling of being underway on a destroyer.”

The Zumwalt class of destroyer is currently the largest and most technologically advanced surface combatant in the world. In addition to bringing the latest war fighting technology and weaponry into the hands of our naval warfighters, it will all be done on a stealth based hull design.

The Zumwalt class of destroyers will be relied upon to carry the Navy through a diverse and evolving combat environment, whether close to shore in support of special operations, or far out at sea. All while adapting to -- and incorporating in – new  emerging technologies as they become available.

DDDC, a major part of the logistics support for the Zumwalt class destroyer, as well as a wide variety of Navy needs, is located on Naval Base San Diego. As part of the on-going mission of DDDC a large amount of Navy owned and managed material is handled by the facility.

All of that material is being received, handled, packaged, stored and more by a workforce striving to meet the warfighters needs and keep a fleet operational, despite many not knowing the intricacies of why or what their efforts are supporting.

“We appreciate the time to tour the facility and provide our civilian personnel, many of whom have never served on a Navy ship, the opportunity to get a real feel for Navy life,” said Navy Lt. Marc Walker, military liaison officer, DDDC.