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News | Feb. 11, 2020

Prepping for the survey

By Kathleen Hausknecht DLA Disposition Services Culture Action Team

With just under two months remaining, the Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services Culture Action Team gathered in Battle Creek, Michigan, in late January to learn the ins and outs of the upcoming DLA culture/climate survey that launches March 17.

The CAT consists of representatives from Disposition Services field sites and headquarters operations. The members are the survey touchpoints and work with their leadership to answer questions. For the majority of the team this is the first time leading employees through the survey. Time was devoted to understanding how to interpret culture wheels and how the Denison Survey was developed.

Disposition Services Director Mike Cannon spent time with the team and highlighted key messages about the survey. He also talked in depth about network adjustments, metrics and changes regarding scrap removal.

Messages about the survey:

• Set aside time to take the survey and hold a team-building event. Your participation is key to the success.
• It is confidential. Ten responses are needed to create a wheel and report.
• Provide detailed comments. Explain why or how something is good or needs improvement.
• Answer the survey based on your duty location as of Dec. 31. Employees who have changed offices or sites since Dec. 31 should base their responses on their December location.
• You will not receive a survey if you started with DLA after Dec. 31.

DLA is holding a Survey Workshop Feb. 11 for sub-command Culture Champions and will provide updated materials including the 2020 Communication Plan, FAQs, a confidentiality sheet and posters.

If you have questions, email the DLA Disposition Services Culture Action Team.