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News | Feb. 11, 2020

DLA Indo-Pacific regional command supports Keen Edge, Pacific Sentry

By Lt. Col. Troy Johnson, DLA Indo-Pacific Operations Chief

On Jan. 23, 15 logistics planners from various Defense Logistics Agency entities, Logistics Operations Energy, Aviation, Land & Maritime, Troop Support, Distribution and Disposition Services, converged upon the DLA Indo-Pacific Synchronization Operations Center at Camp Smith, Hawaii, to formulate the nucleus of the DLA IP concepts of logistics support to the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command Tier 1 Exercise, Keen Edge and Pacific Sentry 2020-2 (KE/PS20-2). The Hawaii team was supplemented by six additional planners from DLA J3 Joint Contingency Acquisition Support Office and DLA Energy in Japan to establish the DLA Liaison/Forward Coordination Element to United States Forces Japan at Yokota Air Base, Japan. Together, and for the next seven days of exercise execution, the team, comprised of uniformed and civilian professionals, operated a 24-hour battle rhythm validating the ability to enable a regional command and control that synchronized the Agency’s agile capability to meet the demands of a regional Combatant Command/Tier-1, Combined, Bilateral Command Post Exercise.

Navy Captain Kristin Acquavella, DLA Indo-Pacific Commander acknowledged the team’s collective contributions to the KE/PS20-2 underscoring both the exercise and region’s relevance to the National Defense Strategy, stating “it’s pretty cool when we take a step back and look at the scope and breath of USINDOPACOM’s area of responsibility, which is home to 50% of the world’s population, half the world’s surface with 16 different time zones and 36 individual countries.” She added, “now, put this team in the middle of supporting that and it’s pretty awesome.” Acquavella thanked everyone for their collective professionalism, expertise and value-added inputs that ensured the successful execution and outcome of the exercise.  

Exercise augmented team members included CDR Christopher Lewis, LCDR Mario Porter, LCDR Sandranell Moerbe, Maj Yevgeniy Malashenok, Capt. Michael Ricci, LT Trimeka Thomas, TSgt Griselda Hewett, SSG Sirlen Arriaza, CPO Rodriglio Aglibot, Craig Barrett, Mike Elwell, Joshua Stanley, Ken Murphy, Herman Roberts, Amos Moses, Chris Rollins, Steve Park, David Moore, John Tartala and Amy McGrath.