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News | Feb. 20, 2020

Level I Mentoring Program Graduation

By Ronald Gillespie DLA Land and Maritime People and Culture

The Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime will celebrate the graduation of 20 associates from its Level I Mentoring Program Feb. 26 at 9:30 a.m. in the Defense Supply Center Columbus’ Operations Center Auditorium.

The mission of the program is to allow DLA Land and Maritime associates below the General Schedule and Wage Grade 9 levels to develop mentoring and protégé relationships with other associates, and build on their own personal and professional skills.

The program offers self-development modules, special project opportunities and self-development activities to help enhance their knowledge and skills. This allows associates to conduct self-assessments and prepare themselves for career opportunities for the future.

One of the key objectives of the program is to help associates network with others outside of their own areas of expertise to gain a better understanding of the Agency, and to assist them with career planning and development while enhancing their professional skills. The program began in 2005 and has graduated more than 270 participants. 

This year participants partnered with the Leadership Development Council, Morale Welfare and Recreation, Employee Assistance Program and other programs and councils to offer mentees a variety of sessions to complete. Attendance counted toward their graduation requirement.

The program provided exposure to all councils, professional organizations and special emphasis groups to help the mentees learn ways they can get involved within the organization.

The program also provided various avenues for mentees to build networks across organization boundaries to foster new working relationships, and to gain knowledge about different processes and job function areas.

This year’s graduation master of ceremony will be Gregory Ramsey, who is also one of the mentee participants. Ramsey is a newly hired purchasing agent in Maritime Supplier Operations.

Ramsey stated, “Mentoring has helped me learn different aspects of our organization, given me someone to share my thoughts and concerns, and given me courage to take on challenges outside my comfort zone.”

Below are the mentees who will be graduating:

Melva Alexander
Victoria Compson
Calvin Dunning
Robert Edgar
Alice Ferguson
Joe Galbraith
Ronald Gillespie
Rita Hughes
Shannon Irwin
Marchelle Jackson
Monica Kyser
James McGarvey
Kevin Metz
Fernando Nava
Gregory Ramsey
Christie Ratcliff
Tessie Stanford
Hugh Swanson
Natalie Thurston
Olivia Walter

Let’s congratulate these individuals on their accomplishment and wish them well in their future endeavors.