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News | Feb. 21, 2020

Black History Month spotlight: Bryant Daniels

By DLA Energy Public Affairs

Editor’s note: February is Black History Month and this year’s Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute theme is “Honoring the Past, Securing the Future.” Throughout the month, we will spotlight Defense Logistics Agency Energy employees who are honoring their history and making a difference through their accomplishments both in their workplace and community.

Describe your job in a sentence: I am a Supply Planner at Aerospace Energy Supplier Operations in San Antonio, Texas. I am responsible for consolidating customer requirements for Department of Defense, military and civilian agencies that request aerospace products.

What makes you proud about your job? To see rockets and satellites launch as a direct result of my team’s efforts in processing more than 200-line items for products and services associated with negotiating contract award for our JP10 propulsion fuel. This fuel is used to fuel missiles and rockets and some aircraft.

What was your most recent professional success story? When I was reviewing my list of customer information, I noticed an unfamiliar DoD Activity Address Code. I reached out to coworkers to inquire if they had knowledge of the particular DoDAAC. When no confirmation was given, I researched for information utilizing the customer’s billing DoDAAC. The research determined the wrong billing information had been submitted by the customer. Catching the mistake prevented a potential financial error resulting in thousands of dollars billed to the wrong customer.

What would you consider your greatest accomplishment? One of my greatest accomplishments is overcoming cultural stereotypes of young African America men. Most young African American men like myself started off with cultural and systematic barriers. My greatest accomplishment is building a successful career. Important lifestyle tools were gained through great mentors and a drive to succeed. Serving in the military gave me a sense of awareness by understanding the big picture and how everyone has a role to play. Thanks to the military, I was able to earn multiple degrees, become a small business owner and become an Aerospace Energy government employee. 

How do you honor the past? I honor the past by demonstrating respect. When you see the elderly, be nice to them as everyone has a story to tell. The more we learn about each other, the closer we can become which generates increased respect.

How do you make a difference? Each one, teach one! No one is above learning something new. We work in a technologically based industry that requires constant learning of new systems and processes. It is essential to remaining relevant. I advocate for change management to foster teamwork sharpening skills and expanding our knowledge to become better, more efficient governmental stewards. I volunteer throughout the year in programs such as feeding the homeless and donating clothing with local churches and nonprofit organizations. As a member of one the largest nonprofit organizations for over 23 years, I served as an advocate for good stewardship by mentoring hundreds of men, women and youth through programs such as “Passport to Manhood.”