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News | Feb. 27, 2020

Troop Support reviews previous year, talks future with DLA Director

By John Dwyer III DLA Troop Support Public Affairs

Senior leaders with the Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support engaged in dialogue and received feedback from the DLA Director during the annual Dynamic Operating Plan review Feb. 26 in Philadelphia.

Army Lt. Gen. Darrell Williams received an update on a full range of DLA Troop Support’s ongoing efforts to improve the readiness and lethality of its Warfighter customers and to enhance the workforce in line with DLA’s Strategic Plan and new “Leading Change” document.  Some of the highlights included workforce development program updates, organizational growth through partnerships and audit readiness.

“I would be here all day if I talked about all of the things Troop Support has its hands in,” Williams said. “And the reality is that the things you all do here are the closest to all of our troops and civilians deployed around the world.”

Richard Ellis, DLA Troop Support Deputy Commander, pointed out new workforce development programs include partnerships with the School District of Philadelphia, opportunities for employee mentoring and cross-functional development both within and across Troop Support supply chains and staff offices.

The initiatives were in support of employee growth through an improved climate and culture, and meant to enhance the workforce, he said.

“We’ve heard it a number of times: the employees of DLA are the ‘secret sauce,’ and we couldn’t agree more,” Ellis said. “This workforce is probably the world’s most hardworking, dedicated and creative group.”

The leaders also reviewed DLA Troop Support’s mission growth of over the past year and associated plans to contribute to the readiness of its Department of Defense and Whole of Government partners.

DLA Troop Support Commander, Army Brig. Gen. Gavin Lawrence sited the development of successful partnerships with the Department of Veterans Affairs and Defense Health Agency as among its key initiatives to increase the depth and breadth of the organization’s support mission.  

“In order to improve our ability to respond to Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief requirements we’ve been focusing on not only working with organizations like the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the U.S. Agency for International Development and the U.S. Fire Service in extremis, but also developing a habitual working relationship with these organizations through routine communication and exercise support,” Lawrence said.

DLA Troop Support Small Business Director Mike McCall said the organization set a record $7.7 billion in small business sales accounting for 53% of DLA’s small business sales and creating 477 jobs in non-profit agencies for the blind and disabled over the last fiscal year.

Despite the increased mission requirements, Lawrence said, the organization has also continued to remain focused on audit readiness in support of transparent and fiscally responsible operations. One of the main efforts has been ensuring the workforce understands the impacts and requirements throughout the audit process.

“We remain committed to educating our workforce on audit compliance and their role in that,” Lawrence said.

Daniel Keenaghan, DLA Troop Support’s Process Compliance Director said his team is working toward that goal through a multi-pronged approach of “documentation, education and implementation,” including formal training and reference guides instructing employees on how to best support audit readiness.

Williams also took time to recognize several employees for outstanding contributions to the DLA mission with his signature “Ya Done Good” award. Troop Support awardees included:

  • Troy Vokes, Construction and Equipment
  • Kathryn Rooney, Clothing and Textiles
  • Corey Rosynek, Industrial Hardware
  • Gabriela Moraga, Medical
  • Janine Samoni, Subsistence
  • Brian Anderson, J3/5 Plans and Operations
  • Carolyn Wilson, Procurement Process Support
  • Melody Arnold, Audit Readiness

In closing, Williams thanked the leaders and the workforce at large for their contributions to the Agency and the warfighters and whole of government partners they support.