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News | Feb. 28, 2020

Agency closes out stellar charity campaign

By Dianne Ryder DLA Public Affairs

Defense Logistics Agency employees gathered at the agency’s McNamara Headquarters Complex Feb. 27 to laud the accomplishments during a successful 2019 Combined Federal Campaign season.

DLA Director Army Lt. Gen. Darrell Williams embraced the campaign’s theme of “show some love” by leading audience applause to accentuate each recognition.

“When you hear about the levels of giving in DLA this year, you’ll understand that’s exactly what we did,” he said. “We had an unprecedented recognition this year and we received both Department of Defensewide and National Capital Regionwide recognition.”

Williams extolled agency employees’ generosity, noting that they not only met DLA’s giving goal of $274,000, but exceeded it. The final contribution total was $275,246, a 2.7% increase over last year, Williams said.

“These are phenomenal accomplishments, they’re not to be taken for granted,” he continued. “Everyone here gave out of the goodness of their hearts and we’re all to be commended for meeting those great goals.”

DLA was honored with many awards, but Williams said perhaps the most substantial was the Campaign of the Year for a medium-sized agency in the National Capital Region.

“That has never been done by DLA before,” he said. “It was only possible by the success and generosity of the people sitting in this room and all other DLA employees.”

“When you look at what a tough year it was in some regards and the fact that this was happening, obviously, during the holiday season when people have to take care of their own families, people really dug deep to make sure others who might not be as fortunate as we are [benefitted] from the Combined Federal Campaign.”

DLA also earned two other NCR awards: Best Campaign Display or Poster and the Innovation Award for Best Innovation and Campaign Execution.

The general acknowledged individual DLA activities and reporting units for their accomplishments and subsequent awards:

  • DLA Energy raised $55,473 (Impact Award)
  • DLA Director’s Staff and Installation Management raised $52,980 (Chairperson Award for per capita giving over $225 and an Impact Award for Campaign Success and Excellence)
  • DLA Human Resources raised $15,303 (Merit Award and an Impact Award for Campaign Success and Excellence)
  • DLA Logistics Operations raised $58,850 (Honor Award for per capita giving over $175 and Impact Award for Campaign Success and Excellence)
  • DLA Information Operations raised $37,628 (Impact Award for Campaign Success and Excellence)
  • DLA Acquisition raised $19,181 (Merit Award for per capita giving over $125 and an Impact Award for Campaign Success and Excellence)
  • DLA Finance raised $22,204 (Impact Award for Campaign Success and Excellence)
  • DLA Joint Reserve Force raised $4,760 (President’s Award for per capita giving over $275 and an Impact Award for Campaign Success and Excellence)

The core team that provided outstanding support to the campaign and received a coin from the DLA Director included: Jeff Brooks, Sheila Mulcahy, Andy Green, Mike Fitts, Carly McDowell, Quantier Loy and Janice Patterson.

DLA Acquisition Deputy Director Roxanne Banks spoke about her role as vice chair of the campaign for DLA.

“I admit I thought, ‘I’ve never chaired a CFC campaign before. Where do I start, how do I begin?’”

She read aloud an email from DLA’s CFC manager, Watt Lough, in which he volunteered to do anything he could to assist her.

“I was beyond wowed – talk about perfect timing,” she said.

Banks said from there, they were able to assemble a great team, a strong campaign and even had a good time along the way.

“My main objective was to execute a successful campaign. I wanted to have 100% outreach to the workforce and that was to provide awareness of how to give and allow folks the opportunity to choose,” she said. “Our goal was to give $275,000 to the CFC and as you can see, we as an agency made good on that pledge.”

Through weekly outreach and awareness events sponsored by a variety of DLA directorates and organizations, and through the support from the CFC loaned executive, Army Lt. Col. Prisma Lowery, DLA exceeded expectations, Banks said.

“We sent email blasts and perhaps most important, we had 102 dedicated workers providing that personal touch, which is just another example of that ‘secret sauce,’” she continued.

Banks expressed appreciation for the CFC coordinators and keyworkers who handled the details critical to the success of the campaign. She also recognized Eagle and Double Eagle donors, who contribute 1-2% of their salary.

“This has been a very rewarding year for CFC – it has been amazing to see the creativity and dedication of all who provided their support and assistance. On behalf of a grateful nation and agency, thank you. Together, we showed love.”

Banks presented a certificate for commendable service to Lough in recognition for his enthusiastic leadership in helping the agency exceed its giving goal. She also presented an award to Lowery, who trained all of DLA’s keyworkers and provided strategic guidance and coordination throughout the campaign.

Banks and Williams presented awards to two organizations for outstanding awareness events: DLA Human Resources for their Human Rights Awareness theme, and DLA Energy for their Eradicating Hunger Awareness theme.

Finally, Banks and Williams recognized individual coordinators:

  • Arminthia (Mint) Massey, DLA Energy
  • Army Staff Sgt. Zechariah Bush, DLA Human Resources
  • Tawanda Thomas, DLA Director’s Staff
  • Eric Linneman, DLA Installation Management
  • Air Force Capt. Ashley Hardy, DLA Logistics Operations
  • Ri’thia Stockley, DLA Information Operations 
  • Jeff Brooks, DLA Acquisition
  • Katelynn Lyles, DLA Finance 
  • Nikki Dinkens, DLA Joint Reserve Force