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News | March 10, 2020

Women's History Month Spotlight: Rita Binns

DLA Disposition Services Public Affairs


Rita Elena Binns

Management and Program Analyst
San Diego, California

Woman sits at desk
Rita Binns
Meet Rita Binns, a DLA Disposition Services management and program analyst from San Diego, California. Rita is a veteran and federal employee with more than 19 years of service.
Photo By: Couresty Photo
VIRIN: 200310-D-D0441-100
Describe your job in a couple of sentences:
I'm a management and program analyst assigned to DSD West. I provide oversight of the operating budget, serve as regional personnel management, inter-service support agreement coordinator and participate in various special projects pertaining to the DSD or field office programs. I perform technical reviews, compile data, research facts, offer alternatives and recommended solutions.

How long have you worked for the federal government including military service? I have been working with the Federal Government for more than 19 years. I served in the U.S. Army as a unit supply specialist for 9 years and as a Department of the Army civilian for 3 years.

How long have you worked for DLA Disposition Services? I have been working with DLA for 7 years, I started as a management and program analyst at DLA Disposition Services Colorado Springs in January 2013.

What is your favorite thing about your line of work? The opportunity to continue to support our armed forces because as a prior service member I am aware of the many challenges the Warfighter faces. As a DSD management and program analyst within DLA, I assist the field sites in the management of cost, personnel, compliance service agreements and customer service which improves our service to the Warfighter.

What is the best piece of advice someone has given you? “It is not personal, it is professional” This advice has allowed me to accept constructive criticism in my professional field without taking it personal, but to accept it as tool to improve.

What do you think about when you hear “Women’s History Month? Women’s History Month celebrates the often overlooked contributions of women to history. My hope is that in a near future these contributions could simply be viewed as significant, on their own merit regardless of gender. 

Who are some women you admire?

  • Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, for her selfless service dedicated to helping the poor.
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg, for being a trailblazer and the second female justice of four to be confirmed to the court.
  • Rosa Parks, because she stuck to her conviction which led the United States Congress to call her "the first lady of civil rights." 

What challenge remain for women today? How can understanding history help us to overcome them? The challenge is to openly and equally recognize contributions. When we continue to produce labels, continue misconceptions and disassociate with individuals, we lose the fact that it’s not a woman contribution, it’s a human contribution.

What is your best memory of working here? My best memory of working with DLA is when I worked at a field site. I was able to see the direct results of my internal customer support, which directly impacted the operations of the site and I was part of a team that with a common goal of providing the best possible service to the Warfighter. 

Who is your hero? The American Soldier is my hero because despite the difference in backgrounds, cultures and ethnicity they come together and have the willingness to sacrifice many things to achieve a common goal.

What is your favorite quote? “Never mistake activity for achievement.” – John Wooden