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News | March 23, 2020

Land and Maritime presents its Dynamic Operating Plan to DLA Director, highlights strategic logistics capabilities.

By James Harless DLA Land and Maritime Public Affairs

Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime Commander Navy Rear Adm. John Palmer and his senior leadership team presented a review of the Land and Maritime Dynamic Operation Plan to Army Lt. Gen. Darrell Williams, DLA director, and members of the DLA headquarters staff via video teleconference March 13.

Prior to the DOP review, Williams took the time to publically recognize the efforts of several DLA Land and Maritime associates by presenting them with his patented “Ya Done Good” awards.

Recognized were:

  • Robert Menard, supply management specialist at DLA Maritime Portsmouth.
  • Lindsey Schuman, contract specialist at DLA Land Aberdeen
  • Michelle Bontempo, contract specialist at DLA Land Aberdeen
  • Jacquelyn Dunne, contract specialist at DLA Land Aberdeen
  • Dawn Gettys, customer account specialist at DLA Land Customer Operations Directorate.
  • Tiffani Harris, acquisition supervisor at DLA Land Supplier Operations Directorate
  • Hoa Ta, lead cost/price analyst at DLA Procurement Process Support

Following the awards presentation, Palmer welcomed Williams and his staff to the DOP VTC and acknowledged several changes to the DOP review, but emphasized the new initiatives planned and currently underway throughout Land and Maritime.

Williams had the opportunity to address all those in attendance with opening remarks.

“I regret not being able to be there in person, but due to the current state of affairs it simply wasn’t possible,” Williams said. “However, I plan on making a trip there as soon as possible as there are very few places in life I look forward to going more than the city of Columbus and visiting Land and Maritime.”

Williams concluded his opening remarks by addressing the numerous achievements and successes across Land and Maritime over the past three years and personally recognized the absolutely phenomenal job everyone is doing.

Palmer began the DOP review by informing Williams today’s briefing would focus on things that are challenging and new since his last visit to Land and Maritime.

The briefing provided an update on the full range of Land and Maritime’s mission in line with DLA’s Strategic Plan. The briefing placed emphasis on financial obligation authority and cash management, along with new controls and procedures established following the Ernst and Young Audit, suspended stock and the Agency Synchronization Operations Center.

Palmer then identified six focus areas being used across Land and Maritime to improve mission readiness.

“The DLA Strategic Plan remains the North Star for all of our efforts,” Palmer said. “There are six focus areas and initiatives that we will follow as we move into Fiscal Year 20 and prepare to lead change.”

Some of the objectives and initiatives identified by Palmer are intended to improve Warfighter and federal support by enhancing readiness and response capabilities, improve financial transparency and demand projections, improve audit readiness, increase the financial health of the agency, and establish a supply chain security program to increase Enterprise Risk Management.

During the DOP, Palmer addressed several achievements that are directly related to the objectives and initiatives he identified. Some of the achievements included maintaining a 95% material availability for the 21N Nuclear Reactor Program, a 91.5% material availability for DLA Land and a 91% material availability for DLA Maritime, a 94% on time delivery rate for DLA Land and a 39% reduction in suspended stock since the start of fiscal 20.

Following Palmer’s presentation, Williams thanked all those in attendance and for a great DOP review. He concluded his portion of the DOP by once more assuring everyone he will be making a visit to Land and Maritime as soon as operations permit him to do so.

After the director signed off the VTC, Palmer took the opportunity to reflect on the day with his leadership team.

“A lot of change is coming and with that, credibility is the currency of the land,” Palmer said. “It’s because of our credibility that we’re able to conduct briefings and pitch successes such as the cables contract and receive positive affirmation from the director.”

Palmer brought the DOP to a close by thanking everyone for their efforts, diligence and commitment to the DLA Land and Maritime mission of supporting the Warfighter.