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News | April 24, 2020

DLA Distribution’s F&MWR Chief retires after nearly 36 years of federal service

By Diana Dawa, DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Having served nearly 36 years in federal service, James A. Marshall retires from his position as chief, Defense Logistics Agency Installation Management Susquehanna Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation April 30.

Marshall began his federal career as a lifeguard with DLA Installation Management Susquehanna Family and MWR in 1984. 

Over the span of his career he has served in a myriad of positions which include – recreational assistant and youth activities directorate the Fitness Center; business manager of  Recycling Operations and Business and Recreation Program; and financial manager of the Family and MWR administrative office. Marshall has served as the chief, Family and MWR for the past ten years.

Despite the closure of the military housing program, Marshall’s team has remained focused on providing programs to improve the quality of life for all service members, federal employees and their families in the community. MWR employees strive to deliver the highest quality programs and services that range from. MWR programs relieve stress, build strength and resilience, and help the DLA workforce stay physically, mentally and financially fit. 

“Working as a team has always been successful for me when all team members focus on their responsibilities,” said Marshall. “I always have believed in short- and long-term planning. Staying ahead of problems and making alternate plans for all situations.”

From the DLA Family & MWR lifeguard who worked his way to chief of the entire DLA Installation Management Susquehanna Family & MWR program, Marshall’s advice for those folks wanting to progress in their career paths is to “stay focused on your responsibilities and build good working relationships with your co-workers … communication is important on all levels.”

Marshall’s career has allowed him to visit other installations within DLA to learn from their Family and MWR programs and find ways to improve the programs at Defense Distribution Center Susquehanna.

“The highlight of my career has been seeing the Family and  MWR facilities renovated here, or in the case of the fitness center, a new building constructed,” said Marshall, adding, “This has improved our ability to provide better service to the community.”

Marshall has a deep appreciation for the men and women serving the nation. “I want people to know about the men and women of Defense Logistics Agency that they are dedicated to the mission of supporting our warfighters all over the world. I am honored to have the opportunity to work on a team that provides Family and MWR programs for them.”

“This has been a very rewarding life experience for me,” said Marshall.