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News | June 10, 2020

San Joaquin’s Zuk recognized as the DLA Distribution Employee of the Quarter

By Annette Silva, DLA Distribution San Joaquin Public Affairs

Chief of Bin Operations Anthony Zuk, Defense Logistics Agency Distribution San Joaquin, California, was selected as the DLA Distribution Employee of the Quarter, fourth quarter, fiscal year 2019.

Under Zuk’s remarkable leadership, he is responsible for 192 full-time employees and 19 managers/supervisors in the busiest organization at the distribution center.

“Mr. Zuk stands as a sterling example of the most desirous qualities sought in a strong, effective leader and was virtually flawless in guiding his division through another quarter of record-setting performance,” said Mission Group Chief Shad Winter.

Bin Operations has a well-earned reputation as the backbone of distribution by processing 80% of the mission workload. During this period, the division faced many challenges that could have easily veered the division off course in achieving its performance goals.

Zuk faced a challenge when DLA Distribution leadership announced they were looking for a pilot site to execute a proof-of-principle integration of voice pick/workload management technology with the Distribution Standard System platform, an automated information system that manages all functional business processes of warehouse operations.

“Mr. Zuk stepped up, without hesitation, offering his division as the pilot site and due to his extensive knowledge in bin operations, he was the perfect choice to serve as our site’s program manager for the initiative,” commented Winter. “Because of his dynamic leadership, San Joaquin was able to assist DLA Distribution in the design, testing and implementation of voice pick technology for all of the DLA Distribution network.”

Working closely with project participants from DLA, DLA Distribution and contracted programmers, Zuk’s design requirements and relentless pursuit of excellence, resulted in a pick increase in the walk-and-pick areas from 21 order picked per hour to 34 orders picked per hour, a 62% increase.

Further, the site completed 73,700 materiel release order picks under voice pick technology using 2,170 man-hours. Before the initiative, the site would have expended 3,500 man-hours to accomplish the same number of MRO picks.

Zuk recognized the importance of teambuilding and sharing best practices. He was key to closing out the test effort and providing quantifiable data necessary to capture the pilot program’s return on investment. The ROI was key to understanding the cost saving across the entire value stream and conducting sustainment testing at our sister site DLA Distribution Susquehanna, Pennsylvania. Additionally, his efforts for this critical technology will eventually be implemented across the distribution network.

“Mr. Zuk was key in the planning, testing and execution of this pilot program which is the beginning to an exciting new chapter in San Joaquin’s continuing journey to be the center of choice for warfighters across the globe,” concluded Winter.