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News | Aug. 4, 2020

San Joaquin’s Green selected as the Global Distribution Excellence Administrative Support Performance of the Year awardee

By Annette Silva, DLA Distribution San Joaquin Public Affairs

Administrative Assistant David Green of the Consolidation and Containerization Point at Defense Logistics Agency Distribution San Joaquin, California, was selected for Global Distribution Excellence for Administrative Support Performance of the Year honors.

Green provides administrative support to the second largest strategic distribution platform in the DLA network. He provides exceptional administrative support to 122 employees and six supervisors demonstrating the highest level of competence. The CCP supplies materiel to warfighters overseas in the Pacific and Indian Ocean regions.

“Mr. Green methodically managed a myriad of administrative functions including staffing, time and attendance, training, new hire orientation and records keeping,” said Specialized Mission Division Chief Darren McFall. “His steadfast and meticulous attention to detail enabled the CCP leadership to effectively focus on workload management and monitor all key metrics.”

The CCP is a very complex operation. Green was instrumental in submitting and monitoring the status of all work orders related to the CCP operation with work being performed across three different buildings and numerous outside areas. His ability to work harmoniously and cooperatively with others throughout the installation contributed to ensuring work orders were tracked and completed in a timely manner, freeing up valuable time for supervisors to concentrate on production and other important managerial responsibilities.

Green demonstrated a high degree of originality and creativity. He designed an employee board that accurately captured our employees’ photos, names, job titles, supervisors and assigned work areas. This mammoth task took ingenuity, planning and coordination with our Automated Material Handling Systems Team and Public Affairs. The employee board is proudly showcased in the $7.4 million newly re-designed CCP for all employees and visitors to view.

Green is a true team player. His willingness to fill in for the group and division administrative assistants in their absence resulted in effortlessly managed and monitored schedules/calendars for senior leaders while tackling his primary duties, never failing to meet suspense dates and complete critical tasks.

Further, he consistently and significantly improved the work processes and products within the CCP Branch. Particularly, he played a critical role in the implementation of the CCP’s Quality Control Team. The assistance he provided in collecting, monitoring and assessing daily, weekly and monthly data was crucial to the CCP’s effort to reduce open lines. The QC team verified 16,000 shipments for accuracy, 20% above the daily goal, which resulted in a 63% reduction in open lines over a three-month period.

Additionally, he established an effective system for tracking and retrieving information. He developed a request for personnel action tracker to improve the accuracy, efficiency and accountability of personnel actions ensuring that staffing was adequately maintained and the status of each action was tracked to completion.

Green is committed to safety. He serves as the division safety representative for his work center. His concentrated focus on the safety and well-being of his co-workers was unprecedented. He spearheaded an initiative to gather and track all safety-related mishaps, near misses and deficiencies throughout the division. He then documented and analyzed the data to identify trends to reduce mishaps to personnel and equipment.

“Mr. Green’s significant achievements and his willingness to go above and beyond his normal duties as an administrative assistant set him apart from all others in his peer group,” commented McFall. “He was a self-starter who consistently demonstrated his desire to seek new and better ways of doing business in a very diverse and often complex organization and warrants this prestigious award.”