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News | Aug. 17, 2020

San Joaquin’s Lott recognized as the DLA Distribution Inventory Management Civilian of the Year

By Annette Silva, DLA Distribution San Joaquin Public Affairs

General Supply Specialist Deborah Lott of the Inventory Action Team at Defense Logistics Agency Distribution San Joaquin, California, was selected as the DLA Distribution Inventory Management Civilian of the Year.

“Ms. Lott was an exceptional member of Team San Joaquin’s IAT Team and was essential in helping our distribution center exceed inventory standards by effectively utilizing workload analyses to maximize IAT resources in the completion of critical inventory goals and audit excellence,” said her supervisor Cynthia Louie.

Lott’s expertise and attention to detail were crucial when she conducted detailed cause and analysis research, helping to identify and resolve over 96 high dollar value inventory discrepancies resulting in saving over $4.7 million for the Defense Department.

As an IAT subject matter expert, she conducted Inventory Evaluation Research Listing training for over 60 employees, reinforcing quality and audit compliance throughout the command. She promoted thoughtful, decision-making based on in-depth research and worked across various divisions to sustain and improve inventory integrity. Her efforts directly contributed to an improved inventory accuracy rate of over 14% from October fiscal year 2019 of over 81% to over 95%.

Lott is always ready to step up and get the job done. Due to an unexpected absence of the accountable officer, she took on additional responsibilities while still performing her primary duties at a high standard. She stepped in without hesitation and the IAT never missed a beat under her leadership. Ensuring communication across the command, she briefed the monthly inventory management report to senior leadership, providing valued insight for continued improvement in distribution inventory performance metrics.

She personally reviewed all inventory adjustment vouchers valued over $100,000 and meticulously reviewed the root cause of the IAVs, analyzing trends and sharing the information across the center to improve inventory accuracy.

Further, she was instrumental in the success of the radioactive inventory. She led location maintenance process and additional floor-to-book inventories from May through June of last year, improving inventory integrity. Her hands-on approach and management engagement were top notch. The wall-to-wall RAD inventory resulted in 100% accuracy, a direct result of her effort to go above and beyond to support our mission and process excellence.

Additionally, she successfully led the research and gathered evidentiary matter for team San Joaquin during the opening and end of year balance audits with Ernst & Young and the J3 Compliance and Audit Sustainment Team, which resulted in 100% completion and achievement of the acceptable quality rate by the IAT under her leadership. Her efficiency resulted in completing the end of year audit ahead of schedule, reducing per diem costs for travelers.

Adding to her list of accomplishments, she led weekly management and warehouse meetings across the site, highlighting errors and reinforcing the requirement to adhere to standard operating procedures. She worked alongside the accountable officer, helping to conduct re-enactments for high dollar value IAVs and met with impacted supervisors and employees to reinforce quality controls to improve accuracy and audit sustainment.

Lastly, she is a well-rounded and patriotic employee. Lott was a key member for the Tribute Wall responders. She avidly encouraged the widest employee participation on the Tribute Wall project, which increased employee morale.

“Ms. Lott’s knowledge, expertise and advice are sought after daily. She conducted herself with the highest regard of integrity and her commitment to quality and the warfighter is unwavering,” said Louie. “She is most deserving of this prestigious award.”