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News | Sept. 17, 2020

DLA Distribution Korea is awarded the Henry T. Flint DLA Shipping Point of the Year award

By DLA Distribution Public Affairs

The Theater and Consolidation Shipping Point Team of Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Korea is awarded the Henry T. Flint DLA Shipping Point of the Year award for their efforts through 2019, all done while experiencing personnel shortages through either promotion or permanent change of station orders.

The TCSP team of DDDK handles sea and air cargo in addition to staging and shipping throughout the peninsula. Despite being short staffed at 84% of authorized personnel, the team kept the warfighter always at the forefront of the mission, never missing a beat nor showing any degradation in service.

Across metrics and standards of timeliness the TCSP team consistently performed at a high level. With some standards allowing for 40 hours’ time for completion, the TCSP team would consistently average turnaround times that never exceed 24 hours.

Added to their challenge of less staff, there was less physical space as construction took place in their area. Despite less staff, less space and a busy work area, the TCSP team would consistently perform in a timely manner and simultaneously have zero safety incidents.

Serving multiple customers across the peninsula the Continuous Process Improvement Team of DDDK developed communication products to help educate customers on their process workflow and demonstrate that DLA Distribution was performing ahead of standard on timeliness. This allowed those customers to better focus on other areas to improve the outcome of their logistics needs.

No goal could ever be met or exceeded the way DDDK has without a workforce that is dedicated to the mission. In order to ensure safety and the best possible efficiency, DDDK leadership made changes to ensure that MHE was routed and utilized properly, as well ensuring that employees all were well prepared for the daily tasks.

The efforts of the TCSP team of DDDK are a great reflection upon DLA Distribution, their team and each of their own individual performances.