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News | Oct. 7, 2020

DLA Distribution recognizes National Disability Employment Awareness Month with employee spotlight on Cristina Rivera

By DLA Distribution EEO


How long have you worked at DLA Distribution?
My journey as a current equal employment opportunity specialist began as a Workforce Recruitment Program student hire in the summers of 2016 through 2018. I was contacted and recruited from the WRP Program by Mr. Rich Maldonado former EEO specialist at that time. I was offered a temporary position while I was attending California State University. I then became a permanent EEO assistant in October 2018 through January 2020. I was then promoted to EEO specialist and been in my current position since February 2020.

What do like you about working at DLA Distribution?
The Defense Logistics Agency has a wonderful, diverse team and their focus on people and culture is amazing. When I first learned about the DLA Distribution mission and vision I could see clearly how my goals align with the goals of the DLA team.

What is the most challenging about your position?
As an EEO specialist, the biggest challenge for me is how I approach a new task; however, those are the challenges that keep me going and I learn from so I couldn’t grow without them.

What is one thing you'd like others to know about people with Disabilities?
What most disabled people want most deeply is to be seen, heard, believed and taken seriously, especially in a career setting.

Why is it important to you that we celebrate National Disability Employment Awareness Month?
It is an important reminder to educate people about the value of inclusion and how everyone brings unique talents to the table. The month is also a reminder that every person should have access to a safe job, including a safe environment. Nobody should experience feeling they are not part of their team because of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender or disability.

My name is: Cristina Rivera I am an EEO Specialist at DLA
Distribution, San Joaquin in Tracy, California. I am a California State University Sacramento Alumni, and obtained a Bachelor in Social Work. At DLA, as an EEO specialist, I assist with resolving issues to improve communication, morale, and productivity by making sure all employees are treated fairly and equitably.

One of many components of EEO is assisting with the agency with developing and implementing creative approaches to recruitment. I am currently the WRP
Coordinator, assisting DLA Distribution with hiring WRP students every day.

One of my accomplishments at DLA was coordinating a Community Summit event which helped the Distribution EEO and Diversity Office and the HQ EEO Office establish long-term business relationships with agencies and community organizations.

This cooperation led to the direct hiring of veterans and Schedule A hiring authorities. Nearly 60 community organizations providing services to minorities, women, veterans, students and state agencies serving people with disabilities participated.

Recognizing the strengths and values individuals with disabilities bring or will inject into our workforce is National Disability Employment Awareness Month’s nationwide campaign that raises awareness about disability employment issues and celebrates the contributions of America's workers with disabilities—past and present.