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News | Oct. 8, 2020

DLA Distribution Oklahoma City earns the Brig. Gen. Barbara Doornink DLA Distribution Center of the Year (Large) award

By DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Defense Logistics Agency Distribution awarded the Brig. Gen. Barbara Doornink DLA Distribution Center of the Year (Large) award to DLA Distribution Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. DDOO was selected based on the following criteria:

- Actions/programs within the distribution center that directly support the mission.

- Initiatives or programs that impact resource effectiveness/efficiency and mission support through innovation or process improvements.

- Initiatives taken by the distribution center to improve working environments, improve quality of life and build community spirit.

DDOO superbly refined programs to cut customer business hour delivery times and achieve solid “green” metrics for over 813,000 annual issues by skillfully orchestrating the on-time delivery of over 500,000 high priority material release orders and exceeded the on-time delivery goal of 24 hours by over 1.7 hours, or by 7%, despite being understaffed by 4% during the year. In a similar manner, DDOO remarkably exceeded standards and all expectations for over 200,000 routine MROs by surpassing three-day time standard by one day or 33%. 

DDOO picked and shipped over 11,000 military service redistribution orders in two days instead of the three-day objective, once again exceeding the requirement by 33% and moving Air Force material in an extremely timely manner. Likewise, they ensured over 20 Distribution Centers received timely replenishments to support their customers by shipping over 12,000 stock transport orders in 2.5 days vice the five-day goal and beat an on-time rate by 50%.

Not to be outdone by the warehouse and shipping sections, DDOO’s receiving functions achieved solid “green” metrics for almost 300thousand annual receipts. Receiving shattered the 24-hour time goal for 70,044 new procurement receipts with a process time of 10.3 hours exceeding the objective by 13.7 hours or an amazing 57%. In a similar fashion, receiving beat the 48-hour time goal for over 27,000 stock transport order receipts by 32.46 hours, with a process time of 15.54 hours, once again exceeding the objective by an astounding 68%.

DDOO outdid the 48-hour time goal again for over 7,000 redistribution order inductions with a process time of 18.16 hours or over 29 hours to spare exceeding the requirement by 60%. Finally, DDOO receiving functions topped the time goal of 120 hours for over 195,000 customer return receipts with a phenomenal 23.15-hour process time surpassing the allotted time by over 96 hours or an extraordinary 78%. 

DDOO’s warehouse prompt stow operations in 11 major multimillion-dollar warehouses with an $11 billion inventory account sustained solid green metrics for over 225,000 stows. The over 68,000 new procurement put-a-ways were stowed in 3.07 days compared to the four-day standard, exceeding the objective by 23%. DDOO employees expeditiously warehoused over 124,000 customer returns in 2.71 days instead of 10 days, beating the goal by 73% and ensuring unserviceable Air Force assets were quickly available for repair. More than 27,000 stock transport orders were on the shelf in 3.22 days compared to the 10-day requirement, as well as nearly six thousand redistribution orders in 3.07 days vice 10 days.

Astute monthly analysis of breach, pick, manifest and delivery times ensured the timely delivery of over 91,000 lower priority routine stock replenishments to over 20 DLA Aviation retail Air Force shop service centers. They were delivered in an average of 59.9 hours during the 12-month period exceeding the 72-hour goal by 17%. This was also a 26% improvement from the previous year.

The aforementioned warfighter support directly enabled the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex Programed Depot Maintenance functions to completely overhaul multiple weapons systems such as 11 B-1 bombers, 17 B-52 bombers, 73 KC-135 air refueling aircraft, and well over 300 critical aircraft engines, plus direct support of over 30 local E-3 Airborne Warning and Control System and half-dozen Air Force Reserve KC-135 aircraft assigned to Tinker Air Force Base.

Despite being 4% understaffed in 2019, DDOO generated $155,191,248 million in revenue with expenses of $54,787,197 million with an overall net operating result or profit of $100,404,051 million. The Preservation, Packaging, Packing and Marking Division generated more than $24 million in DLA Distribution revenue by meticulous oversight of 266,384 reimbursable hours in 2019 which was a 25% increase from 2018. PPP&M also achieved a cost avoidance of $3.1 million by diligent reclamation of special packaging instructions containers.

A meticulous review of our foreign military sales process revealed that performing the function in our classified warehouse limited the number of personnel with security clearances to work the material, so we moved the operation next to shipping which increased the number of personnel eligible to work FMS. This resulted in outstanding allied support of 31,000 shipments to 65 FMS partners including Afghanistan and Iraq. DDOO expeditiously processed over 1,000 FMS high priority issue shipments in 2.05 average days compared to the three-day standard exceeding expectations by 33% and 30,731 FMS routine issue shipments that averaged 3.09 days against a 10-day goal beating requirements by 69%.

DDOO expertly created work arounds to immediately stow fast turnover of DLA procured stock in central receiving to remedy the absence of an issue-from-receiving capability due to DLA Enterprise Business System lack of real time interface with the Distribution Standard System. Our normal new procurement transit to warehouse and stow time averages 2.72 days, but by immediately stowing the items in receiving, the issues kick out on the adjacent printer in several hours saving at least two days or over 73% in customer wait time for over 33,000 IFR/Delayed MROs. The material is now readily available for direct delivery to the local customers or moved a couple of hundred feet to transportation for instantaneous shipment off-base.

Faced with limited resources, the Inventory Team conducted over 65,000 inventories with a solid “green” 99.99% completion rate. During the first quarter of fiscal year 2019, they conducted over 24,000 inventories and on track to complete 100% of the planned 123,512 inventories.

DDOO pioneered processes to identify, sort and ship 49 truckloads or over 32,000 disposal orders that consisted of almost 900,000 items culled in support of the Strategic Metals Recovery and Reuse Program with over 200,000 pounds of strategic metal alloys and 755 pounds of platinum sponges recovered thus far with a value to the DLA enterprise of over $5 million. Additionally, another 862,560 pounds was sent to the SMRRP team for processing.

DDOO fully embraces a safety culture and successfully implemented protocols and training to enhance the safety and health environment within its work areas. The total case incident rate was 4.24% vice 5.20% or a positive 18.5% below the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Bureaus Labor Statistics standard. Likewise, DDOO achieved an awesome lost time case rate of .34% against Occupational Safety and Health Administration/BLS goal of 1.9%, once again 82% better than standard.

DDOO also executed an over $2 million project to remove existing fire alarm systems, design and construct new addressable voice fire alarm/mass notification systems while providing new fire sprinkler systems in buildings 10, 16, 416, 506 and 1022. This is in conjunction with an over $18 million fire suppression system project for 14 other DDOO facilities. DDOO is the only organization on Tinker Air Force Base with effective mass notification systems.

The DDOO Morale-Culture Team made up of representatives from each division and the DDOO deputy was formed as a forum to address quality of life. Their direct input is a catalyst for positive change or enhancement of workplace culture. Here are just a few of their initiatives: the offering of free cardiac risk profile screenings for over 600 employees; raising well over $3,000 to fund the annual employee appreciation picnic and end of year holiday party; break room remodels to include lighting/refrigeration/news availability; DDOO T-shirts; employee birthday cards; parking space winners and many more. DDOO is on track to improve its 2018 Culture Climate Survey which met the 65% participation rate set by DLA headquarters, compared to the overall 56% DLA Distribution response rate – its overall DDOO survey score surpassed the average DLA Distribution score by 17 points.

Community spirit was evident when DDOO employees generously donated over 2,000 pounds of food to feed the hungry during the 2019 holiday season and won the coveted award for the most donated by a DLA Oklahoma City agency. DDOO was thanked for over 1,000 pounds of food donated to the Airmen and Family Readiness Center at Tinker Air Force Base during the Thanksgiving timeframe. DDOO personnel also volunteer as local youth soccer, baseball, basketball and football team coaches and have bragging rights for several championship teams.