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News | Oct. 21, 2020

Lt. Kimberly Cull, US Navy, is awarded the Maj. Gen. Michael J. Lally III DLA Distribution Excellence in People and Culture award

By DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Navy Lt. Kimberly Cull, Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, is awarded the Maj. Gen. Michael J Lally III DLA Distribution Excellence in People and Culture award.

Identifying and acting upon the “secret ingredient” that is the lives and people of the workforce, Cull undertook initiatives to improve the culture of the workplace. Her efforts not only improved the lives of the work force, but also had a direct impact in improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of DDPH.

Cull exemplified the qualities of integrity, commitment and burning desire to excel. Whether in communicating with union and local shop stewards, or tracking vacancies and centralizing hiring actions, Cull has become the go-to person in handling personnel requirements. Cull personally submitted 107 hiring actions that resulted in the staffing of 62 critical vacancies, ensuring no disruptions to mission completion.

Leveraging her graduate level education and experience Cull created an in-house fully integrated personnel tracking system. Her system alone reduced overall employee onboarding wait times by approximately 25%. The entire system she developed was undertaken on her own initiative, without request from command.

Cull repeatedly found ways to streamline the current implementation of training, tracking and requisition to make the command flow more efficient and save countless man hours of work by allowing automation take over mundane tasks.

Cull also lead the charge on a work culture initiative that emphasizes rewarding initiative and outstanding performance. Her efforts directly lead to an increase in overall morale and efficiency output as Cull’s human resources expertise proved invaluable.

Despite the high pressure environment of an ever evolving landscape of warfighter support, Cull managed to always remember and place value on the workforce. Her knowledge, capabilities and empathy toward others make her an invaluable asset to DLA Distribution, and are a great reflection upon herself.