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News | Nov. 2, 2020

DLA Distribution Sigonella, Italy, earns Michael E. Yost DLA Distribution Center of the Year – Medium award

By DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Sigonella, Italy, is awarded DLA Distribution Michael E. Yost DLA Distribution Center of the Year – Medium, 2019.

The award recognizes DDSI’s initiatives or programs that impact resource effectiveness/efficiency and mission support through innovation and process improvements and initiative taken by the distribution center to improve working conditions, improve quality of life, and build community spirit.

DDSI provides world-class logistics support while contributing to the Defense Department’s objectives in the U.S. Naval Forces Central Command 5th/6th Fleet as well as U.S. Africa Command, U.S. European Command and U.S. Central Command area of operations. DDSI's strategic plan and physical presence in Italy, Spain and Africa with missions extending to the Baltic and Balkan regions, generated over $17 million in revenue, processed over 200,000 lines including 65,000 Materiel Processing Center transaction lines, and over 140,000 transshipments.

DDSI planned and coordinated the delivery of over 12 million pounds of cargo, mail, and over 1 million cubic feet of critical provisions in support of U.S. military operations and exercises.

DDSI actively participated in exercise Trident Juncture 19 and Allied Command Transformation exercises to plan and conduct major operations, which demonstrated the Alliance's ability to deploy and perform operations in a complex, joint and distributed environment in the Baltic Sea, with tactical units conducting Combat Enhancement Training and Force Integration Training. DDSI established new northern logistics routes, supporting 10 customers out of the 18 participating units in the exercises with over 500 line items, 15,000 material release orders and 35,000 transshipments, totaling more than 5 million pounds.

DDSI and the 16th Sustainment Brigade executed a proof of principle, testing the "White to Green Truck," transfer procedures of moving sustainment cargo from DDSI through DLA Distribution Europe to the port of Keil, Germany, supporting Baltic Operations 19, an exercise linked to Saber Guardian 19 and EUCOM Southern Exercise Campaign. Cargo originating from DDSI was shipped to DDDE and then delivered to the Naval Port Activity in Kiel without any delays or issues.

DDSI collaborated with the Air Mobility Command and Fleet Logistics Center Sigonella to reenergize the TP- 4 Program, utilizing vacant space on regular channel flights for low priority cargo. Cost avoidance is calculated utilizing respective ground transportation cargo rates. AMC assets capabilities were maximized, additional transportation cost avoided, and cargo expedited to the warfighter. For fiscal year 2019, DDSI moved 1,600 pieces, 170,000 pounds at a cost avoidance of over $210,000.

DDSI provided an innovative and robust safety program. Employee centered engagement in work areas directly contributed to zero recordable incidents in 2019. DDSI hosted its first “Material Handler Tournament” and annual Forklift Rodeo, consisting of 15 drivers, material handling equipment assessment, obstacle course and a written assessment. DDSI also published a comprehensive fiscal year 2019 Safety Program with required Safety Program elements, ensuring all operations are compliant and within the guidelines of DLA, DOD and Host Nation while ensuring mandatory facility inspections were completed ahead of schedule.

Significant Distribution Storage Space Optimization Program improvements were achieved and DDSI exceeded headquarters goals for the first time since 2004. DDSI is 4% above the bulk 40% goal and 33% for bins. Material was rewarehoused in three separate buildings for space optimization, increasing productivity by correct size location.

The Inventory Action Team directly contributed to warfighter readiness in meeting operational commitments within the operating area. DDSI led all of DLA Distribution in inventory accuracy, completing the fiscal year 2019 mandated 100% inventory with an amazing 100% accuracy rate against a goal of 98%. During 2019, 16,000 inventories were completed for DDSI and DLA Distribution Djibouti, Africa, material, including classified, sensitive, radioactive, and physical inventory for the year – with no denials. The IAT conducted quality checks after "picks," 15,000 quality checks after "stows," 13,000 quality checks after "re-warehouse," and 15,000 location surveys. In findings, over 200 errors were resolved, saving DDSI over $400,000 in lost revenue.

The Stock Readiness and Inventory Integrity Team organized training for the DDSI Operations Department, sharing information regarding 186 lessons learned from completed inventories and stock readiness processes, pre adjustments research and IAV during fiscal year 2019. Collaborating with divisions and customers, the team processed 63,000 suspended stock items valued at $5 million with a 100% accuracy. DDSI’s Government Purchase Card Program compliance conforming rating for the year was 100%, which exceeded DLA Distribution Headquarters Acquisition overall fiscal year compliance rating goal of 90%.

Quality Assurance completed a total 706 surveillances for DDSI and DDDA and eight quartiles. All surveillances completed conformed to standards.
The DDSI detachment site at Rota, Spain, serviced over 50 visiting and forward deployed vessels, processing over 46,000 transactions, generating $3 million in revenue. Upgrades to the Rota Wood Shop industrial equipment increased volume capacity by 20% and the overall capability and efficiency of the Wood Shop to meet customers' needs and specifications.

DDDA and U.S. Army Africa conducted over 11,000 customer transactions while storing over $3 million of DLA/Army material. DDDA expanded capability to store hazardous material by adding four climate-controlled containers, adding 320 locations and over 1300 square feet of storage. Replacement of racking and mezzanine installation enhanced the capacity and functionality of the warehouse by adding over 1,600 locations. Supporting the East African continent, DDDA processed over 55,000 transactions and 13,000 requisitions in support of the 5th Fleet.

Focused on creating a work environment that promotes inclusivity and well-being, the Health and Wellness Committee organized three Command events; a summer barbecue, Fall Family Picnic and Christmas Party. These events were attended by over 150 employees and family members, fostering comradery and esprit de corps among the staff and their family members. The Committee's recommendations led to the establishment of Local National Length of Service Awards, Non-Monetary Awards program, bimonthly Command Town Hall meetings, Commanding Officer's suggestion box and update all outdated local national position descriptions.

DDSI military personnel won two Distribution level quarterly Junior Noncommissioned Officer Awards and one DLA Agency level JNCO Award. They participated in three community relations projects – cleaning and contributing to the preservation and beautification of two local churches and Sigonella, Italy, facilities.

DDSI promoted productivity and safety by improving working conditions by purchasing air circulating cooling equipment and space heaters for DDSI and the detachment site at Rota, Spain, to alleviate the extreme heat/cold conditions in the warehouses during the summer/winter months and also installed new LED lights in all four warehouse buildings, providing better visibility as well as significant energy conservation.