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News | Nov. 3, 2020

Agency realignment improves worldwide fuel facilities management

By Irene Smith DLA Energy Public Affairs

A realignment plan for the global Defense Logistics Agency capitalized fuel facilities Sustainment, Restoration and Modernization Program Management is improving processes and providing “one voice” to customers. 

The realignment consolidates DLA employees engaged in SRM program management, engineering review, execution oversight and environmental compliance under one authority to streamline SRM and environmental support for the bulk petroleum mission.

DLA Vice Director Mike Scott signed General Order 7-20 that realigns 101 DLA Installation Management positions under the command and control of DLA Energy Facility Sustainment Directorate. Since March 2020, the merging of the fuels SRM project management, POL engineering and environmental technical expertise and real property talent has yielded over $790 million in funding obligations in direct support of the warfighter and the Services fueling missions. Additionally, the transfer of the Installation Management positions to DLA Energy is helping to better support customers and standardize processes.

“The realignment brings together three different DLA Energy funded organizations into a single chain of command supporting sustainment, restoration and modernization efforts,” said DLA Energy Program Management Division Chief, Eric Wiedemann. “The effort to consolidate these offices under DLA Energy will improve SRM project management as well as military construction project design and construction for the end-to-end bulk petroleum mission.”

The realignment’s General Order was officially signed in September, but the effects have been felt since April when the programs began to work together under the new alignment.

“Almost immediately we saw how much more efficient processes were under the new alignment. We were able to obligate funding to important projects quicker and ended the fiscal year with $797 million obligated in direct support of the Services; an increase of $144 million from fiscal 2019,” Wiedemann said. “The increased funding shows DLA’s continued focus on improving infrastructure on military installations around the world.”

The realignment was part of a yearlong effort to streamline the command and control relationships between DLA regional commands and DLA major subordinate commands. The merging of the fuels SRM project management and technical expertise under one command and control umbrella has resulted in significant program efficiencies. 

“The realignment removes an unnecessary level of additional review, allowing us to gain approvals faster and fund projects within 3-5 days where previously it was taking 7-10 days,” said DLA Energy Engineering, Environmental and Property Division Chief Phil Dawson. “We’ve funded over 1,300 SRM projects this year.”

Marshal Kennedy provides fuels technical support and funding for Army-owned DLA Energy capitalized fuel assets across the globe. He manages the DLA Energy Army military SRM program and oversees Army project development, funding, and execution.

“The customers now see us as one team,” he said. “Now that we are all under the same leadership, communication has improved, and we are finding it easier to implement process efficiency and standardization.”

“As we evolve into the full operating capability in fiscal 2021, the Facility Sustainment Directorate will continue to analyze workflow and business practices as a means to address additional opportunities that improve the overall efficacy of the program,” Wiedemann said.