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News | Feb. 8, 2021

Mid-America team honored with agency award

By Tim Hoyle DLA Disposition Services

Defense Logistics Agency employees from DLA Disposition Services’ Mid-America region were among the personnel honored in the DLA Director's Strategic Goals Award for the 4th Quarter of fiscal 2020.

The Mid-America Material Handlers and Support Team from DLA Disposition Services was recognized for its measurable contributions to the DLA Strategic Plan goals Warfighter First, Global Posture and Always Accountable. According to the award nomination, the team overcame austere COVID-19 conditions as Mid-America materials examiners and supporting staff supported the divestiture efforts by the Army’s Forces Command, III Corps, Operations Slim Eagle and Pegasus Harvest, region wide Improved Moving Target Simulator divestitures, and supported turn-ins for 4th Infantry Division’s Stryker conversion. The team’s extra efforts represented over 20,000 additional receipts above and beyond their existing mission critical/essential workload.

The nomination also cites the high recall status Mid-America personnel maintained throughout the worst of the pandemic. Their staffing levels allowed them to standup a proof of concept operation during Operation Pegasus Harvest at Fort Hood, Texas, designed to improve the future of the Army’s III Corps readiness and turn-in efficiency through the use of a dedicated consolidation points.

Fort Carson units also worked with DLA Disposition Services at Colorado Springs, Colorado, where the staff has continued to refine a "Ring Route" concept that combines and pre-screens all Army Field Support battalion turn-ins prior to arrival at our location. Property disposal specialists and material examiners from DLA Disposition Services site Red River likewise contributed with the movement of over 95 Bradley Fighting Vehicles to serve as targets on ranges, representing a large cost avoidance for demilitarization requirements and had an acquisition value in excess of over $100 million dollars.

Kathy Atkins-Nunez, Mid-America region director, said she is extremely proud to work with such professionals. 

“Although we are composed of individual hubs, sites, and office ‘teams,’ these 116 people earned this award, as a ‘Mid-America team,’” Atkins-Nunez said.  “They came together during some challenging times to collectively achieve our common goal – supporting our warfighter --always.”