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News | March 24, 2021

Exemplary leader receives recognition

By Dominique J. Shelton

If you ask several people the characteristics that they believe embodies a good leader, you will probably get a plethora of different answers. It is likely that you will get similar results if you were to also perform a quick internet search.

Everyone has their own unique perspective as it pertains to this question; an individual might encounter numerous beliefs and theories. However, the most constant idea that seems to stick-out across the board is a good leader is someone who makes an impact on the lives of those around them.

Brenton “Chase” Miller, branch chief of the Cost and Pricing Branch in the Pricing Division of the Procurement Process Support Directorate within Defense Logistics Agency Aviation makes an impact daily. As a result, he received the DLA Aviation Leadership Award for the month of January.

“Chase is an excellent leader,” said Miller’s supervisor, Joann Hoder, division chief of the Cost and Pricing Branch. “He leads by example and encourages his team to provide excellent support to the workforce while saving taxpayer dollars.”

This award recognizes DLA Aviation leaders that exemplify the four leadership traits deemed by the agency as the characteristics needed to be a good leader. These traits are referred to as the four dimensions of transformative leadership: idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation and individualized consideration.   

“Mr. Miller is a great leader because he coaches his team to tackle initiatives with limited oversight,” said Randall Dortch, the deputy director for the Strategic Acquisition Programs Directorate, and the person who nominated Miller to receive this award. “He leads by example, while including his team in complex assignments to allow them to learn from him as they complete the task together.”

According to the award nomination, Miller demonstrated the four dimensions of transformative leadership through his work with the Strategic Acquisition Programs Directorate to obtain data and negotiate the contract award of a critical part for the Pegasus turbofan engine.

It was these actions in conjunction with him collaborating with DLA Aviation’s Engineering Directorate to get crucial details needed during negotiations that resulted in a savings of $2 million and contributed to Miller receiving this award.

“I am honored to have been nominated and selected to receive this award,” Miller said. “It is an even greater feeling to have been nominated by the deputy director of another directorate.”

As branch chief, Miller’s normal day-to-day responsibilities include leading a team of 12 analysts in assisting Strategic Acquisition and Supplier Operations Directorates with complex acquisitions requiring certified cost and pricing data. In addition, the team manages all requests for pricing training and various post-award pricing audits to include: contract quality reviews, cross site reviews, pricing DLA manual reviews, Government Accountability Office audits, Department of Defense Office of Inspector General and DLA Headquarters audits.   

“Just about anything with a dollar sign beside it, gets the attention of the cost and pricing division,” Miller said.

“Mr. Miller is instrumental in supporting the high dollar, complex acquisitions executed in the Supplier Operations and Strategic Acquisition [directorates],” Dortch said. “He maintains frequent interaction at a team level ensuring top notch support is provided.”

According to John Quincy Adams, if your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. Being that Miller does just that, DLA Aviation’s Leadership Working Group has recognized him as a good leader.