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News | March 25, 2021

Latest edition of The Rap talk show features 17-year DLA employee

By Beth Reece

A 17-year Defense Logistics Agency employee who started as a cataloger for National Stock Numbers and worked her way up to the deputy executive director of policy and strategic programs for DLA Logistics Operations stars in the latest edition of The Rap talk show.

Emily Vogeler had job offers from three organizations when she graduated college with a degree in public relations: PGA Tour, a nonprofit and DLA.

“I didn’t really know what to do. I saw pros and cons with each of the options,” she says on the show.

Vogeler accepted DLA’s offer because of the stability it offered and because her parents said her opportunities would be limitless in the federal government. She’s proven them right, moving from her first position at Battle Creek, Michigan, to DLA Headquarters at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, where she’s taken on a variety of new roles in DLA Information Operations and DLA Logistics Operations.

Vogeler tells viewers how mentorship played a role in her journey and whether she ever regrets passing up a job with the PGA.

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