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News | April 22, 2021

DLA Distribution 2021 Earth Week message

By DLA Distribution Public Affairs

DLA Installation Management Susquehanna Environmental Management Division has put together an environmental sustainability awareness campaign consisting of several emails to be shared throughout the week to celebrate Earth Day’s 51st anniversary on April 22, 2021. We did not plan for any gatherings this week due to the ongoing pandemic, however there are many virtual / social distance type events available this week for personal / family participation. Remember to treat every day as Earth Day; everyone plays a role and we all can make a difference.

Tips for around work:

  • All dock doors should remain closed during the heating season unless actively in use (the heating season is typically October 15th- April 15th).
  • Dock doors for humidity controlled facilities should remain closed year round.
  • Be sure and use the proper recycle bins provided in each break area.
  • Problems with space temperature should be reported to the service order desk (68-72F for heating and 72-76F for cooling in office areas, 55-65F for heating in warehouse or repair facilities).
  • Water leaks or running toilets should be reported to the service order desk.
  • Only storm water should go into storm water drains.
  • Use LED or Fluorescent lighting and ensure lights are off when spaces are unoccupied.

Tips for around the home:

  • Clean equipment filters reduce operating costs for furnaces and air conditioning units.
  • Have a heating or air conditioning system tune up prior to the beginning of each season for peak efficiency.
  • Set space temperatures back during periods when your home is unoccupied or while you sleep (5F higher during the cooling season and 5F lower during the heating season).
  • Identify any water leaks and repair.
  • Where available, recycle per your local township guidelines. Most townships offer locations for recycling if it is not included with your trash service.
  • Use LED or Fluorescent lighting and ensure lights are off when spaces are unoccupied.

Conserve Today! Our Installation Energy Manager, works to reduce environmental impact from energy and water conservation efforts throughout the year. Please keep the attached conservation saving measures in mind as we strive for mission success.