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News | July 2, 2021

DLA support to Pacific Sentry teaches valuable lessons

By DLA Indo-Pacific

Defense Logistics Agency logistics plans officers from across the enterprise reported to the DLA Indo-Pacific Synchronization Operations Center at Camp Smith, Hawaii, June 17 – 24, to formulate, organize, train and execute the DLA Indo-Pacific concepts of logistics support to the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command Tier 1 Exercise, Pacific Sentry 2021.  

Over the course of the seven-day exercise scenario, the team of uniform and civilian professionals executed command and control of DLA supplies, services and expeditionary capabilities between the strategic, operational and the tactical-levels of war/logistics in coordination with USINDOPACOM J4 to sustain the Joint Force Maritime, Land, and Air Components within the Indo-Pacific Region. 

Navy Captain Jason Adams, DLA Indo-Pacific commander and exercise director said, “The first impressions of the exercise execution underscore the greater need for logisticians and operators to invest efficiently in requirements and establish the right decision-making authorities to plan and execute effectively from the beginning in Phases 0/Shape and I/Deter--well in advance of Phases II/Seize Initiative – III/Dominate.”

This year, DLA sought to assign the position of a DLA Commanding General (Forward) with the intent of aligning operations at the respective general/flag officer, O6, and action officer levels between USINDOPACOM J4, Combined Joint Task Force 598/Theater Joint Force Component Command and 8 Theater Support Command, Theater Combined Joint Force Air Component Command and Theater Joint Force Maritime Component Command.

DLA Energy Commander United States Air Force Brigadier General Jimmy “Vegas” Canlas, who served as the DLA Commanding General (Forward), noted the team’s collective contributions as both practitioners at the operational level of war/logistics that provided valuable expertise in directly influencing decision-making at the command level.  

Canlas emphasized just how much the exercise accentuated the region’s relevance in the National Defense Strategy.  He thanked everyone for their cooperative professionalism, expertise, and outstanding contributions that ensured the successful execution and outcome of the exercise that showcased DLA’s support to the warfighter. 

Pacific Sentry 21 DLA Indo-Pacific Battle Staff members included:
Air Force Brig. Gen. Jimmy Canlas (DLA Energy), Navy Capt. Jason Adams (DLA Indo-Pacific), Angel Colon (DLA Indo-Pacific), Marine Lt. Col. Troy Johnson (DLA Indo-Pacific), Army Lt. Col. James Gatus (DLA Energy), Air Force Lt. Col. Lisa Wnek (DLA Distribution), Marine Maj. Jarrod Pierce (DLA Indo-Pacific), Army Reserve Maj. Burke Vinluan (DLA Indo-Pacific), Air Force Capt. Jonathan Burnett (DLA Indo-Pacific), Navy Lt. Cmdr. Eric Richey (DLA Troop Support Hawaii), Air Force Capt. Cody Gibson (DLA Energy Hawaii), Army Chief Warrant Officer 3 Adrienne Denham (DLA Troop Support Indo-Pacific), Army Staff Sgt. Shameeka Jones (DLA Indo-Pacific), Andy Drake (DLA Indo-Pacific), Ron Jakovac (DLA Indo-Pacific), Scott Thomas (DLA Energy), Chris Stephens (DLA Logistics Operations), Joseph Turner (DLA Troop Support), Mike Price (Troop Support Medical), Charles Chislum (DLA Indo-Pacific), Donovan Gonzalez (DLA Indo-Pacific), Geoff Blanchard (DLA Indo-Pacific), Stewart Clarke (Energy Hawaii), Sherilyn Aribon (DLA Energy).