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News | July 26, 2021

Third quarter employees of the quarter

By DLA Energy Public Affairs

Defense Logistics Agency Energy Commander Air Force Brig. Gen. Jimmy Canlas announced Energy’s third quarter, fiscal year 2021 military, civilian and strategic goals employees of the quarter.

Congratulations to the Energy members selected to compete at the DLA 3rd Quarter Military and Employee Recognition Program. 

Field Grade Officer Category:
Army MAJ Francesco Parillo, DLA Energy Middle East 

Company Grade Category:
Air Force Capt Joseph Richard, DLA Energy Europe and Africa

Senior NCO Category:
Army SFC Elizabeth Grace, DLA Energy Middle East

Junior NCO Category:
Army SSG Nicholas McCall, DLA Energy Europe and Africa

Category B (GS/WG/WL 7-12):
Mr. Taylor Hart, DLA Energy Japan 

Category C (GS13-15/WS):
Mr. Gregory Coleman, DLA Energy Americas 

DLA Director's Strategic Goals Award Category:

Mr. Michael J. Landry, DLA Energy Korea, Individual Category for lines of effort Warfighter
Always, Support the Nation, and Trusted Mission Partner

DLA Energy Americas East Suppliers Operations Team- Small Team Category:

Gabriel Tarango
John Stublar
Benjamin Beadles
Joshua Zehler
Christopher Ward
Richard Dickson
Roger Sudtelgte
Nathan Nichols
Michael Alessandro
Gary Simon

Good luck to all the Energy nominations in the next round at the enterprise level!