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News | Nov. 15, 2021

DLA Distribution team wins DLA Director's Strategic Goals Award in two categories

By Diana Dawa, DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Defense Logistics Agency Director, Navy Vice Adm. Michelle Skubic, announced the winners of the Defense Logistics Agency Director's Strategic Goals Award for the 3rd Quarter of fiscal year 2021, and DLA Distribution team members were recognized in two categories.

The Strategic Goals Award recognizes the measurable contributions made by teams, or individuals, toward achieving the goals set forth in the DLA Strategic Plan.

“These awardees were selected from among many superb nominations. Their efforts show true dedication to our Agency's core values of leadership, professionalism and technical knowledge through dedication to duty, integrity, ethics, honor, courage and loyalty,” said Skubic.

“This quarter saw an awesome enterprise-wide award for the amazing work you have done in vaccine operations,” said DLA Distribution Deputy Commander, Perry Knight.

The DLA Vaccine Operations Team won the Trusted Mission Partner, Warfighter Always award. This team includes members from six distribution centers on four continents and more than 55 Distribution teammates who worked incredibly long hours and many holidays to get the vaccines to our warfighters.

“I cannot tell you how proud I am to work with you - distribution professionals - every day!  The numbers speak for themselves – you executed the delivery of more than 750,000 doses of three different vaccines to 99 Military Treatment Facilities,” Knight exclaimed.

Information from the award nomination packet detailed how members of the DLA Vaccine Operations Team assigned to DLA Distribution worked closely with FedEx to identify cold storage shipping lanes for an initial 34 overseas delivery locations. Through 3rd quarter fiscal year 2021, DLA Vaccine Operations Team members executed meticulous planning with FedEx, United Parcel Service, U.S. Transportation Command and other USTRANSCOM Next Generation Distribution Service vendors to ensure effective and efficient shipping lanes were established for each of the three COVID-19 vaccine variants DLA was tasked to deliver.

The planning efforts of DLA Vaccine Operations Team members assigned to DLA Distribution enabled DLA to begin executing overseas shipments within 24 hours of the receipt vaccines from partner vendors. To date, DLA Vaccine Operations team members assigned to DLA Distribution have executed the safe receipt, storage, packaging, shipment, and delivery of 752,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccines and over 7,500 ancillary medical supply kits to 99 locations in 35 countries.

This was accomplished through the completion of 884 separate shipments and execution of 10,500 labor hours at DLA Distribution headquarters and six different DLA operated U.S. and overseas defense depots. All 884 of DLA’s COVID-19 vaccine shipments were successfully executed without product damage or spoilage due to loss of temperature control.

The DLA Distribution Norfolk CEP-156 Medical Mission Team was recognized in the Warfighter Always, Support to the Nation category for supporting the vaccine effort focused on successfully getting 4,700 doses to the USS Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group.

“The DDNV CEP-156 Medical Mission Team proved its reputation for placing the Warfighter first and continues to demonstrate itself as one of DLA’s finest superstars,” said Knight, who praised all DLA Distribution teammates adding, “Thank you!  And congratulations to the best team: Team Distribution!”

Congratulations to the following DLA Distribution award winners!

DLA Distribution Headquarters DLA Distribution Susquehanna, Pennsylvania
Wayne M. Steiner  Army Col. Trenton J. Conner 
Steven R. Bitner Brent R. Barnes 
Steven M. Forster Rene R. Vinette  
Air Force Col. Fencisco N. Harris  Eric M. Cady 
Jared J. Crain  Gregory C. Hahn 
Army Lt. Col. Edward P. Strzalkowski  Diana M. Frank 
Navy Cmdr. Mark D. Rozzell  Jay D. Lightner 
Jennifer K. Walton  Joseph E. Frey
Michael J. Barrett   
David S. Gizenski   DLA Distribution Norfolk, Virginia
Elise M. Holtan   Monica S. Lassiter 
William J. Calvin  Troy Hill 
Patrick W. Press  Maurice R. Hammond 
Michael D. Carey   
Ygraine G. Bennage  DLA Distribution Yokosuka, Japan 
Ryan C. Hocker  Jamie (Jay) L. Sternadel 
Shawn L. Evans, Jr.   
Nathan L. Morgan  DLA Distribution Sigonella, Italy 
Air Force Lt. Col. Lisa M. Wnek  Michael R. Watt  
Paul F. Abel  Air Force Tech Sgt. Allen R. Mason
Robert E. Garrettson  Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Rolando D. Sol 
Wendy L. Evans  Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class  Byron R. Nylander 
Gregg E. Feie   
Mark D. Singh  DLA Distribution Bahrain 
Michael P. Casey  Navy Cmdr. Jeretta R. Dillon 
Jonathan Healy   
Michael R. Kochera  DLA Distribution Korea
Ashley E. Euler  Army Lt. Col.  Corinne F. McClellan
Carl E. Veigle  Macy C. Ooka
Margaret K. Ross   
Jama D. Muschara   
Angeline A. Graff   
Michael V. Solomikin   
Dawn L. Bonsell