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News | June 27, 2022

DLA Energy Lunch and Learn: USAJOBS application process

By Connie Braesch DLA Energy Public Affairs

Defense Logistics Agency Human Resources specialists outlined the process for USAJOBS applications during a virtual DLA Energy Lunch and Learn June 7.

More than 125 employees joined to hear guest speakers Becky Polansky, Samantha Parks, and Timothy Ripley from the DLA Human Resources Services Servicing Team.

“This topic is good whether you’re planning your own career path or a supervisor advising your staff on career progression,” said DLA Energy Chief of Staff Air Force Col. Keith Mecham during opening remarks.

The hour-long session reviewed resume options/requirements, eligibility, qualifications, required documents, the application questionnaire, online assessments, and other considerations. 

Some key takeaways include:

  • Users can upload or build up to 5 resumes tailored for specific experience.
  • Your resume must clearly show that you meet the specialized experience requirements identified in the job announcement.
  • Resumes do not have a maximum length, but 3 to 5 pages is recommended.
  • Your current title, series, and grade must be listed in your specialized experience section. Make sure dates of experience reflect how many years in each position. 
  • Pay close attention to the area of consideration, which is identified in the “THIS JOB IS OPEN TO” section of the job announcement, as this outlines who can apply for a position.  

Parks stressed the importance of following the specific requirements for each job announcement. There are many ways an applicant can be “screened out” and automatically found ineligible, she said. 

“Follow the red star asterisks [*] in the questionnaire very carefully,” Parks said. “Answer each one accurately, paying attention to and taking note of the required documents you must upload and include with your application.”

Automatic “screen outs” include improper eligibility, certification of information accuracy, reemployed annuitant, performance appraisal, and specialized experience questions.

“Once an application is submitted and the job has closed, neither the applicant nor Human Resources can fix or update the application,” Parks said. “If requirements are not completed correctly, they cannot be changed or reversed.”

Make sure you complete your application before the job closes because late submissions are not accepted, she said. 

Employees were told that they can contact the Agency Contact listed at the bottom of the job announcement if they have any questions on the application process or need any assistance. But you must do so before the closing date of the announcement, Parks said.

Ripley continued the Lunch and Learn with an explanation of what happens after the job closes. He discussed the screening process at the Office of Personnel Management and at DLA Human Resources. 

“Applicants are assigned a score that is a reflection of their performance on the announcement questionnaire and the USA Hire assessment, if applicable,” he said. 

Applications are then reviewed by an HR Specialist to verify eligibility and qualifications. 

“Take the time to write out in your resume enough detail so a staff member – who may not know your experience or the position you’re applying for – can understand your qualifications,” Ripley said. 

If you are selected for an interview, Ripley encouraged employees to review Behavior-Based Interviewing, which is a standardized method of interviewing designed to evaluate how a candidate will perform on the job. 

Once you submit your application, follow up to track your status.

“All notifications are sent via email and posted to your USAJOBS account, so follow up after you’ve applied to make sure all requirements are met,” Ripley stressed. 

If you have questions about the USAJOBS application process, head to the USAJOBS Help Center or the USAJOBS How To for information on how to complete any task on USAJOBS, step by step. 

Save the date for the next DLA Energy Lunch and Learn session, which is scheduled for Aug. 9.