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News | June 30, 2022

DLA CENTCOM & SOCOM commander mentors CENTCOM logistics staff officers


Army Col. Gerard Acosta, commander of Defense Logistics Agency CENTCOM & SOCOM, led an Officer Professional Development session June 15, 2022, at MacDill Air Force Base for U.S. Central Command logistics staff officers.

Acosta and subject matter experts from the DLA C&S staff mentored over 40 junior and field grade logistics officers on DLA capabilities in support of warfighters in the CENTCOM area of responsibility.

The 90-minute session focused on DLA the Warfighter Always and Trusted Mission Partner lines of effort from the agency’s strategic plan. Key topics included DLA C&S initiatives to improve DLA support through the implementation of lessons learned from the Afghanistan withdrawal, the use modeling and analytics to anticipate requirements, optimization of DLA Support Team Middle East and the transformation of DLA Distribution in the AOR.