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News | Aug. 4, 2022

Director recognizes history of government entities

By Director Michael O. Cannon DLA Disposition Services

As we reflect on our command’s 50th anniversary and prepare for our celebration on August 11th here at HDIFC, it is only fitting that we recognize that some uniformed services are also celebrating their own milestones. 

August has the honor of celebrating the birth of both the US Coast Guard and the Department of Defense. The United States Coast Guard celebrates its 232nd birthday on August 4th while Defense Department was created on the August 10, 1949. Semper Paratus—Always Ready.

Saying that DoD was created in 1949 is a little misleading as the federal government has overseen the U.S. Armed forces since our nation’s inception. Prior to 1949, it was known as the War Department. With the National Security Act Amendment of 1949, the Department of Defense name and centralized defense department was established. DLA falls within the Department of Defense that is oversaw the Secretary of Defense operating as a cabinet-level position reporting directly to the President. 

The Coast Guard was created when the first Congress authorized Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton to construct ten vessels, known as “revenue cutters,” to combat smuggling and enforce tariff laws. In a typical year, the Coast Guard will respond to 20,000 search-and-rescue cases and saves more than 3,500 lives. 

Just like DLA Disposition Services, both of these great organizations have undergone name changes. But what has not changed is the commitment to protect, defend and serve our country. 

So please join me in wishing both the Coast Guard and DoD a happy anniversary.

I look forward to seeing all those in Battle Creek for our celebration on August 11!