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News | Sept. 20, 2022

National Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight: Guillermo Urrea

By Kylie Young, DLA Distribution EEO Assistant

In honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, Defense Logistics Agency Distribution spotlights Guillermo Urrea, a distribution process worker at DLA Distribution San Joaquin, California’s Consolidation & Containerization Point .

The Defense Department pays tribute to the generations of Hispanic and Latino Americans who have enriched the nation’s history and who continue to be pivotal to the success of the country. Hispanics and Latinos include all Americans who can trace their ancestry back to Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America.

Urrea is a key player in the CCP operation. He is highly regarded as an expert processor for overseas shipments and is relied upon to train new employees. He also helps the CCP to efficiently manage air, sea and land routes, which ultimately increases cargo movement, cube utilization and production performance in the effort to bring the best value to the warfighters.

In fact, Urrea was recognized as one of DLA’s Top Ten Personnel in 2019.

“Mr. Urrea was our top processor out of 19 processors in CCP’s small parcel operation and his efforts were key to the distribution center’s highly demanding and complex missions,” said Specialized Mission Division Chief Darren McFall.

Urrea believes that it is important to recognize Hispanic Heritage Month because it brings awareness to various Hispanic cultures.

“It is important that DLA Distribution recognizes Hispanic Heritage Month and all other cultural recognitions because DLA is a mix of many cultures,” he said. “The 2022 Hispanic Heritage Month gives me an opportunity to celebrate my heritage and share the experience with friends and loved ones.”

While it is important to Urrea for DLA to recognize this month, it is also important to him that the DLA Distribution workforce recognizes why we are celebrating this month.

“One thing that the DLA workforce should take away from celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month is to be aware that all cultures are unique and different and there are open doors for new experiences.”

Urrea is but one of many within the entire DLA Distribution workforce that brings cultural lessons and mindsets to the table that enhance and better DLA.