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News | Nov. 28, 2022

DLA Distribution Albany announces 2022 award winners  

By DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Albany, Georgia, has announced their annual award winners. Three employees were selected for their significant work accomplishments for fiscal year 2022. 
Charles D. Peay is DDAG’s Work Leader of the Year for year 2022. Dereka Knighton, warehouse supervisor for DDAG sums up Peay’s phenomenal year, stating, “Charles has led the box shop in closing out over 1,550 work orders which totaled the building of over 2,750 wooden crates, cardboard boxes and pallets which were mainly to keep the weapons team pushing out weapons to the warfighter.”  
With Peay’s leadership, the box shop completed 210 sheet metal pallets for Warner Robins, 132 50-cal machine gun storage boxes for the Marine Corps, 20 smoke parlors for the employees and external customers and 40 barricades for the Marine Corps in two days.” 
Peay, with help from another employee, built 20 count tables for building 1331 which totaled 160-feet in length once put together. “Charles is a perfectionist when it comes to his talent,” said Knighton. “He is definitely a team player, and the ‘go to’ person within the depot when it comes to making things needed, be it wood or hanging up various items. Peay led the team in the stenciling and staging of 36 new trash hoppers for the warehouses in efforts to be safe. He never tells you no, he simply gets the job done. He is very passionate about every piece of equipment in the box shop and is eager to teach those willing to learn. Charles is deserving of this honor.” 
Nick Myers is DDAG’s Category I Employee of the Year for 2022. Warehouse supervisor Charlotte West had this to say about Myers’ selection, “Mr. Nicholas Myers has been one of the most positive, overachieving and mission focused employees that I have had the privilege to have under my supervision. Not only does Mr. Myers work in the warehouse picking, stowing and surpassing the quantity standards that are set to accomplish in our daily workload, he constantly monitors workload in all areas of the depot and personally volunteers to move to the work where workload is considerably high. Mr. Myers is a singing Alabama (Roll Tide!) football fan that is driven and focused to win! He has exceeded my expectations in all aspects of his duties, and he is a great asset to our team here at DDAG! Meyers’ numbers were simply fantastic during fiscal year 2022. He performed 23,333 picks, 4,750 stows and 484 packs. Just call him Mr. Impactful.” 
Jason M. Weaver is DDAG’s Category II Employee of the Year for 2022. Warehouse supervisor Pam Adams summed up Weaver’s impact with the following: “He is a subject matter expert in transportation and is quickly becoming one in the ESOC [emergency supply operations center] area. He has a positive attitude and is always willing to assist wherever needed. He has good customer service skills and assist ESOC customers with their many requests for tracking freight down, dropping emergency MRO's or locating items in our inventory. He is always at work on time and has also been known to take his computer home and work over the weekend if a customer has an emergency shipment that came up at the last minute.”  
Weaver has learned the value of working as a team to ensure no lapse in information sharing with other team members in the event any member is off unexpectedly while in the middle of assisting a customer. He is very knowledgeable of the standard operation procedures for ESOC and Traffic and has no issues sharing his knowledge with other team members to enhance the skills of all.  
“Mr. Weaver has no problem leading the team in the event his supervisor is out. His work ethics are second to none and he encourages others to have the same. He requires no follow up and keeps management updated when the situation requires. He is a person with high integrity that carries himself in a professional manner and contributes to mission success,” said Adams.