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News | Feb. 1, 2023

DLA Modernization reaches new heights with unveiling of WMS

By Jason Shamberger DLA Disposition Services

Members of the Defense Logistics Agency gathered in San Antonio, Texas, for the official unveiling of the Warehouse Management System and ribbon cutting ceremony.

“I am excited because this culminates five years’ worth of vision and from a Disposition Services standpoint about 13 months of very intense and deliberate work;” said Disposition Services Director Mike Cannon, who has been present for every step of the WMS process – from its infancy to the present day where he is now able to see it put into operational use. “All so that we could transfer our management of excess property into a system that is better, cheaper, faster and more auditable.”

With the help of multiple sections within the agency tweaking and troubleshooting the system to correct potential issues, WMS is finally ready for implementation.

Not only did the WMS team need to work out the kinks of a brand-new system, but also had to specifically tailor the software to work in the best way possible throughout all sites across the agency. This standardization required a team effort, and the entire agency should reap the benefits.

“What this team has done with standardizing WMS [is impressive],” said Deputy Chief Information Officer Karyn Runstrom. “We need to do things standard as much as possible across the organization to keep costs at a minimum and make processes smoother and more practical.”

Disposition Services has evolved from using key punch machines, shifting to the Disposition Services Automated Information System – the first automated information system – to its next iteration the Distribution Standard System and now the age of WMS begins.

WMS is the latest modernization within the agency and is poised to have widespread effects on process improvements across DLA. The agency has made a commitment to evolving to meet the current and future needs of the warfighter.

“We need to step forward into the 21st century,” said RADM Doug Noble, Director, DLA Logistics Operations Commander, Joint Regional Combat Support. “With modern tools, modern processes, and modernized capabilities that will let us continue to provide the great support cost effectively, but efficiently – and driving readiness for all of our customers.”

Disposition Services San Antonio is serving as the initial site to go online with WMS as other locations will follow in the coming weeks. The rollout plan projects all Disposition Services and Distribution locations across the agency will operate under WMS with the final site going online in September of 2025.