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News | Nov. 15, 2023

Anniston site discusses changes and challenges during Disposition Services Director visit

By DLA Disposition Services Public Affairs DLA Disposition Services

Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services Director Mike Cannon recently conducted a crucial pre-Warehouse Management System site visit to Anniston, Alabama, November 8, 2023. The primary focus of the visit was to engage with the Anniston team members and prepare them for the impending WMS migration.

“Our transition to WMS has been smoother than other IT rollout that I’ve seen in my 42 years,” Cannon said. “This tool will enable us to modernize in more areas.”

During the visit, Cannon delved into the history of WMS migration, exploring diverse approaches for DLA Distribution and Disposition Services. Noteworthy challenges were highlighted, particularly the need for customization at each Distribution site. The importance of maintaining a flawless inventory and expeditious disposal of property at various locations were underscored.

Training sessions were emphasized to be conducted by DLA Training. Simultaneously, the information technology team will transfer crucial information from DSS to WMS. Cannon addressed the learning curve for seasoned workers, acknowledging that adapting to WMS might take longer for experienced personnel as they have knowledge of previous systems and processes and the new system requires adjustments to the standard operating procedures.

Beyond WMS discussions, Cannon explored broader topics outlining Disposal Service Representative responsibilities, emphasizing the push for standardization within the agency. Automation tools such as robotic arms, small forklifts, and gloves with scanners were proposed for more efficient operations.

Site tours and project inspections were integral to the visit. The ongoing MILCON/renovation projects were observed, and the receiving process at DLA Distribution was analyzed. Small arms machines were inspected, with discussions on operational challenges.

DEMIL/MUT inspections took place in both Anniston and Odenville. Troubled property status was reviewed, and a detailed examination of the Small Arms Serialization Program was conducted.

Updates on the WMS migration included the shipment of Distribution disposal release orders to Anniston, with assurances from IT regarding table corrections. The migration of the SAP portion to WMS would be coordinated, considering ongoing software development.

In his closing remarks, Cannon extended heartfelt thanks to the Anniston team for their unwavering dedication. He commended their positive enthusiasm, especially during the handling of excess unprocessed distribution DROs. The visit concluded by reinforcing the significance of the team's contributions in ensuring safe and efficient operations during the upcoming WMS migration.