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News | June 16, 2015

Energy personnel support QLLEX

By DLA Energy Public Affairs DLA Energy Public Affairs

Defense Logistics Agency Energy personnel have deployed to multiple states in support of the Army’s annual bulk petroleum and bulk water exercise, June 7-20.

DLA Energy Americas has sent Class III bulk petroleum supply planners and operations management specialists to Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, to support the U.S. Army 475th Quartermasters Group and the Army Reserves as they execute the annual Quartermasters Liquid Logistics Exercise, or QLLEX 2015.  Quality assurance representatives have also been sent to sites participating in QLLEX 2015 in Washington, Virginia, North Carolina, Arizona and New Jersey.

DLA Energy Americas and the DLA Energy Operations Center will use the exercise to further refine their tactics, techniques and procedures with a focus on external reporting procedures, said DLA Energy Americas Operations Support Director Jason Hill.

“Americas’ operations section will conduct a detailed after action report for synchronization with all participants in order to review the planning and execution of the exercise with the goal of conducting a more efficient exercise for QLLEX 2016,” Hill said.

Currently more than 4,000 reservists and 310 Army tanker trucks, with a 2.3 million gallon a day delivery capability, have been deployed to five defense fuel support points supporting the exercise sites.