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News | Sept. 25, 2015

DSCR celebrates Air Force's 68th birthday

By Bonnie Koenig DLA Aviation Public Affairs

On Sept. 21, the Defense Logistics Agency Aviation Air Force hosted the 68th Birthday celebration in the Frank B. Lotts Conference Center.

Although the Air Force’s 68th birthday was officially celebrated on Sept. 18, the Employee Working Group who sponsors Warrior Wednesday, partnered with DLA Aviation Air Force team members to show continued support to our nation's warfighters and to build esprit de corps throughout the installation.

In recognition and celebration of the event, employees wore Air Force blue that day.

The guest speaker for the event, Air Force Col. Steve Dinzart, military director, DLA Aviation Strategic Acquisition Programs Directorate gave an historical overview of the Air Force. He also spoke on how the current capabilities and mission of the Air Force have changed throughout the years, whether our nation is at war, maintenance in peace, or conducting humanitarian support around the world. 

Dinzart said from the earliest days of manned flight to the recent years of combat operations, no matter how daunting the challenge or how tough the task, American Airmen have stood ready to fly, fight and win anytime and anywhere. He added, we must continue our commitment in developing and caring for our Airmen, focus on excellence, and maintain our dedication to the American people.

“Whether you ended your service long ago or have recently joined our ranks, every member of the Air Force family can be justifiably proud of their service to our great nation,” said Dinzart.
As part of the celebration, the EWG arranged for DLA Aviation employee, retired Air Force Master Sgt. Criszon Courtney, industrial specialist, DLA Aviation Engineering Directorate to speak about his career as an Air Force munitions maintenance system specialist, and his transition to DLA Aviation working in support of the warfighter.

Courtney also spoke about the 9/11 tragedy and how that experience affected him personally and as a warfighter. 

He said early in his military career the question of supply and re-supply always seemed to be a source of deep conversation.

Courtney has been with DLA Aviation for nine years and in celebration of the Air Force birthday he reminded those attending to remember their jobs are important because they ensure the warfighter gets the proper tools to accomplish their mission, when they need it.

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