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News | Oct. 30, 2015

Land and Maritime’s workforce training strengthens lifecycle logistics initiatives

By DLA Land and Maritime DLA Land and Maritime

Strategic Engagement is one of five goals advanced by our DLA Director to propel the organization towards delivery of the right solutions, on time every time! In keeping with this goal, DLA Land and Maritime in partnership with the Program Manager DOD Biometrics Office supporting the Biometrics Automated Toolset – Army (BAT-A) system, provided continuous learning training to the Life Cycle Logistics (LCL) workforce during the period 8 through 11 September 2015.

The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) (as the primary source of weapon system sustainment for consumables, new Depot Level Reparables (DLRs), and associated services) is a critical component in logistics life cycle (LLC) management planning.

Rene Alaniz, Product Support Manager (PSM), from the Program Manager DOD BIOMETRICS office was the facilitator for the week-long event.  The PSM role was established under public law 111-84 section 805 in 2009. The PSM functions as the principal product support agent responsible for incentivizing product support integrators to achieve warfighter requirements. In short the PSM develops The Logistics Support Plan to support weapon systems.

During Alaniz’s visit which consisted of 14 seminars he discussed the significance of the DLA’s role in the Lifecycle Logistics Support of both legacy and future weapon systems. Specifically he highlighted the role DLA plays in the initial development and improvement of the lifecycle sustainment plan. He emphasized that the weapon system support manager (WSSM) is the DLA conduit for communication to the Program Manager via the PSM.  “This was a great seminar.  I look forward to meeting and partnering with other product support managers to mutually solve problems” said Eric Forson, Integrated Supply Team Chief for Power Transmissions. 

“The training seminars are the first in a series of continuous learning that will be delivered to the LCL workforce” said Ken Abrams, Combat Vehicles and Small Arms Division Chief.  “Our goal is to facilitate meaningful discussion between the PSM and the primary field level activity (PLFA) through the WSSM to improve sustainment planning.”

The seminars highlighted the importance of a strong relationship between the PSM and the PLFA in the long term sustainment of weapons systems.