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News | Feb. 29, 2016

I am DLA

By DLA Public Affairs

My name is:
Olivia Lynn Kortuem.

I am: 
A program management analyst in the Military Service Support Division of DLA Logistics Operations.

Describe your job in a sentence.
Along with colleagues from various DLA offices and activities, I represent DLA at expositions and symposiums across the United States by staffing a booth, where we share information, answer customers’ questions and make them aware of the full range of products and services DLA provides.

How long have you worked at DLA?
As a full-time employee, since spring of 2012 — but I had previously worked in the DLA Office of General Counsel for two summers, under the Workforce Recruitment Program.

What is your favorite thing about working for DLA?
I really enjoy representing an agency that supports the military services, as well as emergency responders — the people who protect and secure our country and help those in need. I also love meeting and working with so many different DLA employees who help staff the booth. Their expertise and their concern for our customers they interact with is so inspiring and exciting to see — that all of us at DLA take such pride in what we do and who we serve.

What are your best memories of working here?
On so many occasions, customers and stakeholders come to our booth to ask for help. Being able to provide direction and information that helps them is rewarding every time. At one conference, a DoD firefighter was concerned about the costs of various equipment items his department needed. I recommended his department use DLA’s Reutilization/Transfer/Donation program for available items, to avoid having to spend any money at all on them. He hadn’t known about this program and was really glad to have that option. It was a great feeling for me, because I managed to resolve his frustration and walked away with another helpful option.

How do you make a difference?
I get to interact with a wide variety of folks, from the highest level of government to ROTC cadets, to give them information that helps DLA build a positive relationship with them. I think our team helps them put a friendly face to what can seem like a massive, faceless bureaucracy. So I like being able to directly boost perceptions of our agency by helping DLA customers find solutions to their logistics problems.