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News | April 19, 2016

Active Shooter Training held at DSCR

By Bonnie Koenig DLA Aviation Public Affairs

Defense Logistics Agency Installation Support at Richmond’s Security and Emergency Services hosted Active Shooter Training April 13-14 for Defense Supply Center Richmond, Virginia employees in the Lotts Conference Center.

The training reviewed active shooter historical case studies, characteristics of active shooters, pre-attack indicators, how to respond, practicing a survival mindset, and how to report suspicious activity through iWatch (a community program to help the workforce and visitors stay safe from terrorists by reporting suspicious behaviors and activities).

The Active Shooter Program, nationally recognized and endorsed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, prepares citizens to respond to a violent intruder at work, in school, or in a community environment, and outlines options to evade, hinder or stop an attacker.

DLA Installation Support at Richmond’s Security and Emergency Services’ deputy Chief Richard Milligan opened the event, and Installation Antiterrorism Officer Russell Pitts and Criminal Intelligence Analyst Donald Bartlett, from Security and Emergency Services, facilitated the training.

Bartlett urged attendees to be diligent in reporting suspicious behavior. He said statistically most shooters have a grievance of some sort and most have used mind-altering substances or psychotropic drugs during a rampage.

He explained, in describing the statistics on the Paris, France terror attacks, that in the Bataclan Theater, where 130 were killed, a security guard, by having a survival mindset, was able to compose himself enough to usher 300 people out of the theater unharmed.

Pitts reviewed the run, hide, fight strategies.  The presentation included a video acting out an attack on an office building which demonstrated different ways of escaping the building, assisting others, and hiding in place to include, locking and barricading doors, shutting off lights, remaining quiet, and preparing to fight by ambushing the intruder as they come in the door. Pitts said when you decide you have to fight, persons involved must plan, commit, and execute.

He emphasized the first thing you should do if you hear shots or an event happening you should silence your phones first, dial 911, and give the dispatcher as much information as you can without being heard. Pitts also said do not pull the fire alarms because this will cause everyone in the building to run out and the shooter may have been the one who pulled the alarm.

Bartlett said attitudes are contagious and remaining clear headed enough to make decisions is important for survival. He also said to always do what police direct you to do during an event and remember they are there to stop the shooter not to tend to employee needs during an event.

Pitts asked employees to practice escape routes, establish shelter-in-place locations, and consider employees who would need assistance.

DLA Aviation employee Ashely Reynolds, a contract specialist with the Strategic Acquisition Programs Directorate, said she has worked for DLA Aviation for four years and this was the first time she had an opportunity to attend Active Shooter Training. Reynolds said the training was informative and wished she could have gotten it earlier. She said the videos inspired her to practice exit strategies and develop a survival mindset. "When people think it's not going to happen here, that is not reality ... it could happen anywhere," she said. "People are talking about things like this happening and have happened at other installations ... we need to be prepared."

An active shooter hands-on training exercise will take place on center in May.

Milligan said, “Security and Emergency Services Security Branch is here to support the installation workforce.” He added, the event is being held to keep the workforce informed, trained, empowered, and help employees understand what their options are in the event of an active shooter event, regardless of where they may be on center.

“In May, employees will see various police response vehicles and officers possibly from other jurisdictions on the installation during the month,” said Milligan. “We will also have another active shooter brief just prior to the exercise date and employees should watch for the system broadcast announcement and following the event watch on DLA Today for the after article.”