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News | April 20, 2016

Teamwork and experience power Navy’s nuclear supply chain

By Craig M. Rader DLA Land and Maritime Public Affairs

After more than 26 years at Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime in Columbus, Joe Moore has learned the value in giving the customer what they want.

In Moore’s case, that customer is the U.S. Navy.

As a weapon system support manager, Moore ensures nuclear powered ships and submarines have the parts they need to safely conduct their missions. That’s no easy task, considering the nuclear reactor parts list Moore manages includes more than 31,000 items.

“We’re responsible for parts that are integral to the ability of a nuclear reactor to function properly on a ship,” Moore said. “In order for those ships to safely sail and accomplish their mission, we need to make sure we can provide the parts the Navy needs.”

In some cases, the failure of just one part can force a submarine to remain in dry dock for weeks. Moore’s job involves more than just providing his customers with essential parts – he’s also responsible for monitoring the efficacy of those parts long after their sale.

“In the past, suppliers would only develop a concept for a weapon system then field the necessary parts, and that was the end of it.” Moore said. “Now, we provide direct customer support throughout the life cycle of those weapon systems because we have tools in place which allow us to do that."

Overseeing total life cycle logistics for that many parts takes a lot of work, and Moore credits a robust support network with his success.

"Here in Columbus we have the Maritime Supplier Operations group which has a dedicated team of materiel planners, buyers, and product specialists that I depend on to help resolve any issues that may come up during the day,” Moore said.

As a part of the customer facing side of weapon system support management, Moore also works directly with military customers. He says it has given him a much better understanding and appreciation for the needs of the Warfighter and the importance of his own mission at DLA.

That mission has kept Moore busy for more than two decades, working each day to give the customers what they want.

Joe Moore is featured in a weekly video series titled “I am an Acquisition Professional”. Each week a new video highlights the diversity of the DLA acquisition community covering 14 areas of expertise.

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